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patchouli essential oil nefertem

The History & Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil

Let's be honest shall we? There are patchouli lovers and there are patchouli haters. It's rare to find an in-between-er.  This may be due to its e...
nefertem peppermint essential oil

The Essence & Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

There is no denying the stimulating effects of peppermint essential oil on the mind and the spirit. Peppermint oil has a minty, sweet, crisp, clea...
vetiver essential oil in nefertem skincare

The Essence and Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver essential oil has a rich, earthy, musky, resinous aroma that invokes a sense of damp dirt after a fresh rain. It offers a sense of groundi...
essential oils nefertem

What Makes Essential Oils So Essential?

Technically speaking, essential oils are considered "essential" because the oil produced is the "essential" volatile oil extracted from the plant ...
paraben free skincare

What Are Parabens and Should We Avoid Them?

What are Parabens? Parabens are a class of synthetic, chemical preservatives praised for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties. They are in...
grounding essential oils

Ground Yourself with Autumn Essential Oils

Autumn is a time to begin looking inward. Just as the trees draw in their sap to protect their branches from the soon-to-be cold, we too need to d...
how to use essential oils

How To Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used many ways. Let's explore how to use them effectively. Ways to Use Essential Oils Massage Liniments Inhalation Shower a...
benefits of natural soap

Benefits of Using Natural Soap

Using natural soap has a wealth of benefits from moisture to avoidance of chemicals to support for a more natural world. Our natural soap also ref...
holistic skincare

How Can Skincare Be Holistic?

Skincare can be holistic by connecting our 6 amazing senses (sight, scent, feel, hear, taste and spiritual vibration) to the natural world. (...ok...
live life naturally with nefertem

How to Live Life More Naturally

With the vast exposure to chemicals in our food, water, air, skincare and household items, it's a wonder how our bodies are able to survive. Fortu...
natural remedies to fight inflammation

Reduce Inflammation Naturally Using Herbs and Foods

Inflammation is the root cause and primary symptom in arguably every disease in the world. Reducing inflammation naturally using herbs, foods and ...
how to fight colds naturally

How to Fight Colds Naturally

To fight colds naturally, you must get prepared before the season starts. Have you resorted to over-the-counter drugs only because they were readi...


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