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Reflect & Evolve

Reflection of the Week: "A man too careful of danger, liveth in continual torment; but a cheerful expecter of the best, hath a fountain of joy within him." - Martin Tupper

We all know that one person that seems to weather the storms of life with a genuine smile on their face. It seems as though nothing could break their positive outlook on life itself.

We all also know that one person that could have just won a million dollars but chose to complain about the taxes due rather than to celebrate.

This week's proverb is a reminder of the choice we have in creating our reality.

When our minds are preoccupied with the negative; when our fear of the uncertainty takes over our narrative, we create drama where no drama would otherwise exist.

On the flip side, if we can find the silver lining; if we can foresee a positive outcome, we create a perpetual state of joy in our hearts. Joy naturally lends itself to gratitude which moves us to love which the world absolutely needs more of right now.

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