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handmade soaps by Nefertem holistic skincare



Cleanse your skin & spirit with 100% natural, hand-made bar soaps.

Make the Switch to Nefertem

Versatile + moisturizing with a rich, aromatic lather.

man lathering entire body with Nefertem soap handmade


Formulated for your face, body, hair, and for shaving.

handmade natural bar soap by nefertem with lush lather


Moisture-rich and free from artificial dyes & fragrances.

handmade natural soap surrounding a crystal by Nefertem


Extended cure times + twice the essential oils for a lather that endures your toughest days.

happy smiling woman reviewing nefertem handmade soaps

I LOVE Your Soaps!

"I purchased your soaps recently at a holistic fair. From the first shower I was hooked! They make my skin feel amazing and the scent is incredible."

-Hannah D.

Elevate your daily cleanse

Awaken your intention with a luxurious cleansing soap that locks moisture in and negative vibes out.

4 soap bundle of all nefertem soaps

Can't Decide? Grab One of Each!

Try all of our hand-made lathers with the 4 Soap Bundle.

Bundle It!

Hello, Tallow

Discover the difference of this powerful, moisturizing ingredient that delivers a longer-lasting bar soap. We source our triple-purified tallow from local, organically and humanely-raised, grass-fed cattle.

30-Day Guarantee

We'll refund 100% of your purchase if you're not in love with our products.

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