May 06, 2020

yoga woman doing hand stand after using holistic skin care

Reflect & Evolve

Real gold does not fear the test of fire. - Chinese proverb

Many believe the events unfolding worldwide are a universal shift in consciousness. Many fear it could be an egregious act of government. Some are experiencing serious bouts of anxiety and panic. Some are completely immobilized with fear and uncertainty.

Some are focused on self-care and spiritual development. Some are digging deep within their faith just to maintain.

This week's proverb reminds us of the power we all have within us.

We cannot know good without experiencing the bad. We cannot know joy without experiencing sorrow. We cannot know faith without experiencing fear. We must not be afraid of some fire; it's only natural.

The Nubian people (the oldest known advanced civilization on Earth) had a rich culture on the concept of light and dark. The two were equally important, respected and revered. They believed that the cycle of life consisted of: conception, gestation, birth, growth, aging, decay, death and rebirth. This cycle occurs on a macro and micro level daily, yearly, and for lifetimes.

Each phase is equally important. Each phase advances us to the next level in life. Security lies in the idea that this cycle has always been (ever since conception in the cosmos) and will always be.

While we may be experiencing an aspect of aging, decay or death, be assured that what's to come is rebirth. Do not fear this test of fire, for it's molding you to become a golden being.

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