May 19, 2020

woman sitting on floor in fear of losing natural soap


"Actions produced by fear will always create more fear." - anonymous

I have a feeling that every one of us could point to a recent experience that proved this quote to be true.

This week's reflection is a warning to carefully consider our motives.

Whether we know it or not, our conscious thoughts, actions and moods create a vibration within our aura (or energetic subtle body). Our aura then directly effects our subconscious thoughts, actions and moods in response. It's a cycle.

The more positive we CHOOSE to feel, the more positive our reactions tend to be.

The reverse is true (of course). The more we choose to allow our minds to wander down that dark hallway of fear, the more likely we are to open new doors of perceived threat.

While experiencing fear, our minds do not have the full capacity to think ahead into the future. We are hard-wired to use all of our faculties to relieve the distress immediately. Therefore, the actions we take while frightened are usually short-sighted, laden with trepidation and unproductive.

But consider the fact that our minds do not know the difference between perceived threat via thoughts and actual threat via risk of bodily harm. How many of us stew over scenarios, causing undue stress, that will never actually occur? How detrimental is this to our health, our long-term choices, our relationships?

This week, let's be very aware of any fear-based thoughts. Let's identify why we are having them as soon as they arrive and take 3 deep breaths to calm us down.

Remember that the universe will never give you anything you are not strong enough to handle. Then, puff up your chest, put a smile on your face and move forward fearlessly!

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