We promise our ingredients to be of the highest quality possible.

We also promise to continue to purchase from other conscious companies that choose people, plants and the planet over profit.

We would rather support companies who can't afford "organic" labeling, but operate their business organically, with integrity, over companies who don't.


We carefully select:

  • Organic whenever it makes sense (90% of our ingredients are currently organic, the other 10% don’t need to be…ever heard of the Dirty Dozen Clean 15 – same principles).

  • Wild-crafted or farm-grown herbs from companies who support herb protection initiatives.

  • GCMS-tested, pure essential oils from as close to the source as possible.

  • Grade A, unrefined, unadulterated plant oils and butters

  • Ethically raised and processed, grass-fed tallow




We were tired of companies claiming "all-natural" but then turning around and putting synthetic fragrances into their products or using refined shea butter instead of the real deal. 

We also found that there are a LOT of supplier options out there with a wide range of prices. At first glance, it's easy to see how a company can get swooned to order the cheaper ingredient...I mean, what the heck, it's the same thing right?!?! Wrong. 

The difference between unrefined shea butter and refined butter is the difference between having a vitamin-rich, never touched a chemical type of ingredient and one that has undergone several chemical-stripping processes, removing most of the shea's precious vitamins and some of it's fatty acid compounds...just so that it's easier to work with for makers and manufacturers. 


No thanks. Not us. 

So, we decided to make our own - with integrity. 

This way, you can be confident that what you're hoping to get (truly natural, unadulterated) is actually what you're getting. And that's our Quality Promise. 

We appreciate your support.