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The following frequently asked questions should give you a better understanding of our products. Please know that we are just a phone call, text or email away from answering any questions so don't be afraid to reach out to us via our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q.

Our Natural Moisturizers

Are your moisturizers like a lotion?

Yes and no. Lotions contain water, which requires a chemical preservative to prevent mold. We refuse to use ANY synthetic ingredients, so we use only rich oils and fats in our moisturizers. Technically, our moisturizers are classified as a body butter.

Will it moisturize like a lotion?

Even better than a lotion! Our moisturizers do not contain alcohol or preservatives (common ingredients in lotion), therefore, they will moisturize very well with just a tiny amount used. 

Will it be oily on my skin?

At first, yes, because you are applying an oil/fat, however, within less than 2 minutes in most cases (especially after taking a shower when your pores are open), your skin will draw the oil/fat in and carry moisture deep within the layers of your skin. The vast majority of our customers report back to us how quickly it absorbs and how not oily it feels once it does.

How often do I need to use it?

Our moisturizers typically only need to be applied once per day. The fantastic thing about our natural moisturizers is that because of the dynamic blend of ingredients we use, including grass fed tallow, our moisturizers carry moisture to the cellular level. This prevents dryness throughout the day (and in some cases for more than one day).

How long will one jar last?

That depends, of course, on how much you use and how often you use it. Some use it within one month, some make it last 6 months or more. 

Will it expire?

Yes; the shelf-life is 6 months. 

Do I have to store my moisturizer in the fridge?

No. The oils/fats are shelf-stable, meaning they do not have to be refrigerated. Use within 6 months and store out of direct sunlight for best quality.

Will it melt?

Yes, if left in sunlight or in a hot location, our moisturizers will melt. It’s best to leave the jars on a dresser, out of direct sunlight or tucked away in a cabinet. No need to refrigerate or anything fancy, just keep away from heat.

Can I use my finger to take it from the jar? Do I need to worry about germs causing mold?

Because there is no water in the formula, the chances for bacterial growth are very slim. Using your fingers to dig out and apply the moisturizer to your skin should present no problems. Do be careful that your fingers are dry however, as introducing water into the jar can present a problem.

Can I use the moisturizer on my face?

The only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. Some report the moisturizers to be too heavy for their face and some appreciate how hydrating the moisturizers are for their dry face. 

Can I use it on my hair?

Yes. My hair is of European descent, therefore, I am only able to use a little bit on the ends to reduce frizz. My husband’s hair is of African descent; he is able to use it throughout his hair and scalp very well.

What do they smell like?

They smell fantastic! No seriously. It's hard to translate an aroma online, but suffice it to say that we get compliments on the aromas ALL THE TIME!

    Can I try a sample first?

    Yes, when we have sample jars in stock. Order a sample moisturizer now



    How Long Do They Last?

    Our soaps last a long time, in my opinion. Using a bar all by myself, it will last between 3-4 weeks. My husband, on the other hand, gets about 2 weeks out of one bar. We've had customers tell us one bar lasted them 2 months. Obviously, how often and how you use it makes a difference as well. The main thing to note is that the soaps do not get mushy or disintegrate quickly AND they remain firm and wonderfully scented until the very end. 

    What Size is A Bar Of Soap?

    Being handmade, each soap is slightly different both in appearance and size, however, none are less than 3.5 oz total. They are about 3" wide, 2" tall and 1" deep. Some are slightly bigger or smaller. Regardless, every ounce is amazing!

    Does it Have a Strong Scent?

    YES!!!!! Sorry unscented soap lovers...our soaps are powerfully aromatic with the purest essential oils on the market. We use twice the industry standard of essential oils in our soaps which allows them to bring about an aromatherapy experience like no other even at the smallest sliver of soap.

    How Long Does The Scent Stay on The Body?

    A couple hours at least. I've had people compliment how I smell hours after I've showered, putting nothing on other than the soap I've used.

    Can I Use The Soap On My Face?

    Yes of course! Being all natural, non-drying, they are great for use on the face. With that said, following up with a quality moisturizer like our Transform Body Butter is essential to keeping your facial skin looking fantastic and preventing dry out.

    Can I Use The Soap On My Hair? 

    Yes of course! Soaps are very diverse. You can easily use a bar to wash your hair, then rinse with apple cider vinegar with cold water. Doing this allows your hair to return to a balanced ph level and closes your hair cuticles, just like the concept of shampoo and conditioner. Customers have raved over the appearance of their hair after using our soaps. (Ask Cheryl, our mint soap lover with the luscious locks!)

    Can I Use The Soap For Shaving?

    Yes of course! We use clay in every bar of soap. This creates a smooth glide for razors to pass over the skin, cutting the hair effectively, leaving behind silky smooth skin. Also, our soaps have a rich, creamy lather with tons of thick, stable bubbles - again, perfect for shaving.Will the lather look like shave gel from a can? Nope, but rest assured it also won't have the chemicals in it either.

    Can I Leave The Soap In The Shower?

    Yes. You can store the soaps anywhere so long as they are not sitting in water. There are no special handling instructions other than draining the soap dish before getting out of the shower so the soap has a chance to dry between uses.

    How Do You Make The Soap?

    We use the cold-process method for making our soaps. This is the traditional way of soap making passed down through our ancestors. This method allows us 100% control of what we put in our recipe and we love the way this method produces a solid, nourishing bar of soap.

    What Are The Main Ingredients?

    Beef tallow from grass-fed cattle raised by a husband and wife we know in Colorado, organic virgin coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic castor oil and organic unrefined shea butter. That, plus pure essential oils, herbs and clays and of course, positive intention.

    Don't be afraid to contact us. Remember, we're just a phone call, text or email away. 


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