The following frequently asked questions should give you a better understanding of our products. Please know that we are just a phone call, text or email away from answering any questions so don't be afraid to reach out to us via our contact page.


More like a body butter. Definitely not like a lotion, but used just the same as a lotion.

Technically speaking, a lotion is defined by it's use of water and preservatives which make it thin and watery.

Our moisturizers do not contain water OR preservatives, so they are considered more like a body butter.

Rich, thick, ultra-concentrated, these moisturizers are definitely not your cheap, discount store variety of lotion!

Yes, in fact, even better than a lotion! Our moisturizers are made with organic oils, butters and fats, making them rich and hydrating with just a tiny amount used. 

At first, yes, because you are applying an oil to your skin. However, within just a few seconds, your skin will draw all that natural moisture deep into the layers of your skin, leaving you hydrated, but not greasy.

We do recommend applying after your daily shower when your pores are most open and ready to absorb.

And we also recommend using just a tiny amount as just a little goes a LONG way.

Our moisturizers typically only need to be applied once per day.

Because of the dynamic blend of ingredients we use, including grass fed tallow, our moisturizers carry moisture to the cellular level.

This prevents dryness throughout the day (and in some cases for more than one day).

That depends, of course, on how much you use and how often you use it.

Some use it from head-to-toe daily, so it lasts them 1-2 months.

Others use it more sparingly so it lasts 6 months or more.

And then there are toddlers who smear a pile on when you're not looking...good luck if you get 2 weeks with them around 🤣

No. The oils/fats (even the tallow) are shelf-stable, meaning they do not have to be refrigerated.

Use within 6 months and store out of direct sunlight for best quality.

Yes, if left in sunlight or in a hot location, our moisturizers will melt.

If they melt, they will lose their creamy, silky texture as the unrefined shea butter will clump up into little tiny fat beads. While they can be easily melted in between the palms of your hands before every use, they are annoying.

It’s best to leave the jars on a dresser, out of direct sunlight or tucked away in a cabinet. No need to refrigerate or anything fancy, just keep away from heat.

Please keep in mind that the moisturizers can melt during shipping. We highly recommend ordering a cold shipping kit with every order containing a moisturizer during the summer months or if you live in a hot weather location.

Yes you can use your finger to scoop out the cream from the jar without it causing mold.

Because there is no water in the formula, the chances for bacterial growth are very slim unless your fingers are covered in water before digging in. Simply dry your hands before applying.

Yes you can. However, every face is different. You might find it just perfect, or too heavy. The only way to find out is to give it a try.

Hundreds of customers have reported a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin on their face after using.

And we've had a small handful (maybe 15 people over the last 10 years) that reported it was too heavy for their face.

No, or at least not in our experience.

Being non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn't clog the pores) it doesn't present a problem for acne-prone people.

In fact, many have reported that their acne cleared up, assumingly because of the balance in sebum caused by the grass-fed tallow and nutrients in the 100% natural ingredients.

Yes we do! Purity Moisturizer

Transform tallow moisturizer


Because we use high-quality tallow in our soaps, they last quite a bit longer than your average store-bought or vegan soap.

Some customers report the soap lasting 2 weeks with daily use, and some get a full 2 months out of one bar of soap!

Obviously, how often you use them and how aggressively you lather will make a difference.

Another factor is how you store the soap after each use. Make sure the soaps do not sit in standing water and aren't directly under a showerhead where they are constantly sprayed with water.

Drain your soap dish of excess water after every use to prevent them from getting mushy.

They are pretty hefty! Being handmade, each soap is slightly different both in appearance and size, however, none are less than 4.2 oz total (on average they weigh 4.4oz). They are about 3" wide, 2.5" tall and 1" deep. Some are slightly bigger or smaller. Regardless, every ounce is amazing!

YES!!!!! Sorry unscented soap lovers...our soaps are powerfully aromatic with the purest essential oils on the market.

We use twice the industry standard of essential oils in our soaps which allows them to bring about an aromatherapy experience like no other even at the smallest sliver of soap.

A couple hours at least. I've had people compliment how I smell hours after I've showered, putting nothing on other than the soap I've used.

Yes of course! Being all natural, non-drying, they are great for use on the face.

With that said, following up with a quality moisturizer like our Transform Moisturizer is essential to keeping your facial skin looking fantastic and preventing dry out.

Yes of course! Our soaps are very versatile. You can easily use a bar to wash your hair, then rinse with apple cider vinegar with cold water or use a traditional conditioner.

Doing this allows your hair to return to a balanced ph level and closes your hair cuticles, just like the concept of shampoo and conditioner.

Customers have raved over the appearance of their hair after using our soaps.

Yes of course! We use clay in every bar of soap. This creates a smooth glide for razors to pass over the skin, cutting the hair effectively, leaving behind silky smooth skin.

Also, our soaps have a rich, creamy lather with tons of thick, stable bubbles - again, perfect for shaving.

Will the lather look like shave gel from a can? Nope, but rest assured it also won't have the chemicals in it either.

Yes. You can store the soaps anywhere so long as they are not sitting in water.

There are no special handling instructions other than draining the soap dish before getting out of the shower so the soap has a chance to dry between uses.

We use the cold-process method to make our soaps. This is the traditional way of soap making passed down through our ancestors.

This method gives us 100% control of what we put in our recipe and we love the way this method produces a solid, nourishing bar of soap.

No...or at least not in our experience.

You know how some soaps make your skin feel like it's cracking when you get out of the shower, or it feels like there's a weird residue or squeaky-ness while you're using it?

Yeah, so we made sure I soaps don't do any of that.

Of course they will clean your skin and remove dirt and oil, but they won't leave you feeling dried out either.

As far as soaps go, they're about as moisturizing as they come.

Emphatically yes! We formulated our soaps to lather even in the hardest of waters...so when we stayed at a hotel and they had soft water...oh my god there were bubbles on top of bubbles!

soap with lather on table

Aroma Sprays

You use the aromatherapy sprays the same way you would use a perfume or air freshener.

They are all natural, therefore, gentle on the skin and non-damaging to fabrics.

Spray them on your body, spray them onto your clothes, spray them around your home or office, spray them on your pillow at night!

Whatever and however you want, just make sure you shake before every use.

The sprays are all natural, which means they will last as long as the essential oils will last.

Some people report a few hours, some people get all day scent and some can smell the aroma in their clothes days after use.

It's safe to say that because they are 100% natural, you can spray them as many times a day as you want to get the aroma you desire!

It's hard to tell exactly because it depends on how often and how much you use.

A heavy handed sprayer should get 1-2 months out of one bottle. A delicate sprayer might get 6 months out of one bottle.

Only time and experience will tell!

Nope. We do not use alcohol in any of our products.

As an alternative, we use witch hazel to help break the barrier between the essential oils and water when you shake the bottle before use.

If you don't shake before every spray, you will only be spritzing the water that has settled to the bottom. Make sense?

As oil and water don't mix, and because we don't use any chemicals to create emulsions in our sprays, you must physically shake the bottle every time before you spray in order to mix the oil and water.

We know your frustration; it happens to us too. Essential oils are powerful ingredients that can begin to eat away at the plastic sprayer mechanism inside the bottle.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to use a chemical solvent to break down the essential oils - which we will not do! (100% natural over here).

Our first solution is to store and ship the bottles with a sealer cap and include the spray cap on the side.

This prolongs the spray cap functionality by not storing the sprayers inside the bottle until you receive it and begin using it. This is automatically included in your order.

Our second solution is for you to contact us for a replacement cap free of charge.

Our third solution is to simply pull up on the spray cap after every spritz. We know these all may not be the best solutions, but when your #1 priority is natural, some adjustments have to be made to work with nature.

What you're hearing is a small collection of quartz crystal chips.

Considered the master healer of all crystals, clear quartz is said to be able to soak up and transform energy, clear negative vibes and hold onto intentions.

As we are making the products, we speak positive intentions to them. The crystals hold onto those good vibes and pass them onto you.

When your aroma spray runs out, simply remove those crystals and toss them in your garden, a small "trinket" dish or with your crystal collection to keep them good vibes around!

aroma sprays by Nefertem next to plant and glass jar