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A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect

Reflect & Evolve

A beautiful thing is never perfect. - Egyptian proverb

Nothing in life is perfect. As hard as we may try, we will always make mistakes, we will fail before we succeed and we will choose the wrong decision regularly.

When this happens, we have the opportunity to decide if that mistake will define us, creating an emotional mark on our soul for years to come, or if it will grow us, creating a learning experience for us to build upon.

This week's proverb offers a fresh look on acceptance.

This week we encourage you to pick an event from your past that still causes you grief. Meditate and see yourself in that moment as an innocent child who didn't know any better.

Accept the fact that you made that mistake and have gratitude that the mistake helped shaped the beautiful person you are today. Envision yourself giving your younger-self a hug. Breathe and let it all go.

You are a beautiful soul, imperfections and all; accept it.

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