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brick of grass fed tallow used in nefertem skincare

Why We Use Tallow in Our Skincare

Because we saw first-hand how well it improved our skin. 

After we got past the "yuck" idea of using cow fat, and learning about the incredible benefits of grass fed tallow, we decided to give it a try. 

We found that it absorbed quickly, wasn't greasy, and really kept our skin from drying out. 

The texture was similar to shea butter and it didn't smell beefy like we thought it would.

Impressive. We were hooked. 

bowl of grass fed tallow used in nefertem skincare

What is Tallow?

Tallow is purified cow fat from the nutrient-dense suet found around the cow's organs. It's harvested after the cow is butchered for its meat.

Why Grass Fed?

Grass fed tallow, like we use in our skincare, comes from cattle that has specifically been allowed to live like nature intended: open pasture, green grass and sunshine. 

These grass-fed cattle are raised without the use of hormones, steroids, or antibiotics -- kind of like our grandparents used to. 

Benefits of Grass-Fed Tallow

The tallow produced by them is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It also happens to be damn-near identical to our skin's oil (sebum), so naturally, it absorbs better and faster. 

How Do We Use It in our skincare?

We use tallow as a base oil in our soapsmoisturizers, and herbal joint cream.

We combine it with other organic ingredients (shea butter, essential oils, etc...), in small batches, weekly, to ensure freshness. 

full collection of nefertem holistic skincare products

Interested in learning more about tallow? Check out this article 5 Reasons To Use Tallow on Your Skin - Very Interesting!

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