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Reflect & Evolve

A good conscious is a soft pillow. - German proverb

This week's reflection is an age old reminder of the power and importance of acceptance.

Acceptance is a hard pill to swallow, but it remains a key component to our mental, emotional, and spiritual survival. Acceptance is a liberating experience! It gives us permission to move on. It frees us from the toxic burdens of fear, shame, guilt, and regret.

Acceptance allows us to detach from our mistakes. It provides us with proper insight and allows us to acknowledge exactly where we went wrong, if we in fact went wrong.

Acceptance also allows us to have peace amidst chaos. When we know there is nothing we can do to change a situation, then we can easily allow the situation to pass without worry. Our worry won't aide in it passing any sooner, so we might as well have peace in our minds and hearts as it runs its course.

This week, let's begin to practice emotional liberation by accepting these 2 simple truths: YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES, and YOU CANNOT CHANGE WHAT YOU DO NOT CONTROL.

As you maneuver through the week, keep these statements in mind. Try to determine what these truths mean to you. Begin to incorporate those meanings into your daily life. Rest assured that your mind and emotions will settle as you do.

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