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family of elephants

The Family is an Army

Reflect & Evolve

The family is an army. - African proverb

A family can be the greatest tool for growth or it can be a devastating inhibitor. If you came from a home that intentionally damaged your spirit or unintentionally stunted your potential, know that you have the power to create a much different experience for the people you decide to build a nest with.

This week's proverb provides us insight into the power of family.

Developed with mutual respect, nurtured with compassion and held together with loyalty, families have the capacity for exponential growth. When one member learns, reflects and grows, naturally he/she sets an example for the others. As all members develop together, the strength and power of the team increases.

The family solidifies into a unit of shared values and vision. This spirit of unified purpose raises the potential of the family being able to handle any threat that comes their way (like the trials of teenage life or the stressors of taking care of a declining elderly parent).

If we put in the work to advance ourselves within a family unit, we are just as prepared to defend what we have as any top-ranked army.

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