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Are you Conscious Bathing yet?

"Now that I practice conscious bathing, it seems silly that I never did before." - Linda

What's Intention Skincare?

Imagine a bathing ritual so sacred and empowering, you'll find an excuse to do it twice! Enhanced with crystals, moon water and pure essential oils, intention skincare aligns you with your declared purpose for the day.

"Today, I will release all fear and trust in the process."

relax intention kit on neutral background by nefertem

Manifest The Life You Want!

*Relax Kit - Best Seller* Hold your crystal, declare your intention, step into the shower and let it all go. Enhance the most private, personal time of day into a deeply cleansing, magical moment of self care. For the ultimate conscious bathing experience, try these Intention Kits.

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group of happy people excited about Nefertem Skincare

Thousands of Happy Customers

"I never thought my shower could make such an impact on my day." - Shaina

"The aromas are incredible, but how it does my skin is even better!" - Yolanda

"I am absolutely obsessed with the purify kit. The frankincense, cedarwood and myrrh, LOVE!!" - Trinity

woman happily showering as a form of self care with intention skincare by nefertem

The Ultimate In Self Care

Renew your spirits everyday with a bathing routine that tops any other self care practice you've tried to schedule in, but didn't.

Let your worries wash away with the lather and emerge with a whole new attitude!

100% natural. 90% organic. 0% artificial.

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Align with your purpose

Do you struggle to stay focused on your goals? Looking for a simple way to feel grounded? Ready to align with what matters most in life?

Welcome to a whole new way of living...intentionally. Founded in 2012, our mission has always been to support the spiritual growth of others through high vibrational skincare.

sage bundle smudging ingredients with crystals for nefertem intention skincare


Raw ingredients undergo an energetic cleansing process to remove impurities and ensure the highest vibrational quality.

crystal grid showing high vibrational tools used to make nefertem skincare


Surrounded by good vibes, crystals and product-specific music to activate the blend and enliven the maker.

hands blessing intention skincare with help from divine


Guided by the essence of pure love and light, products are purposefully blessed to bring growth and peace to all.

woman happy about her experience with nefertem intention skincare
collection of aromatherapy natural body moisturizers by nefertem

Activate Your Intention

Imagine tenderly massaging this cream into your arms, legs and toes after your soul-cleansing shower. Empowered, you begin to feel the Universal energy flow through you with ease.

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aromatherapy sprays on table by nefertem intention skincare

Seal it with a spritz

Spritz this aroma spray from crown chakra to root (head to toe). Walk out into the world with vibes so high, people pause to consider what's changed about you.

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What Customers are saying

relaxation gift set with intention skincare products

Gift Mindfulness

Wrapped, blessed and ready to gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and times when you're just "thinking of you". At just $45, this gift box is a steal!

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