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Why would anyone use tallow?

The Fat ControversyOur not-so-distant ancestors butchered their own livestock and utilized everything from nose to tail. Cow fat, for example was rendered, purified and made into candles, soaps and skin balms. Unfortunately, the 1950’s brought about a decline in animal fat use in favor of low fat, highly-refined, vegetable oils due in part to a study done by Ancel Keys titled, "Role of Dietar…

How to Live Life More Naturally

In a world bombarded by chemical pollutants, it's a wonder how our bodies are able to survive with the mass exposure to toxic elements in our food, water, air, personal products and household items. All-natural items are no longer an option, they are a necessity. And the time to act is now!How to Live Life More NaturallyChoosing to live life more naturally takes commitment, perseverance and streng…