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aroma sprays by Nefertem holistic skincare


Bliss in Every Bottle

Shop our natural Aroma Spray collection for a burst of natural fragrance.

Honor Your Spirit & Space

woman setting intention with aroma sprays by nefertem hands on chest


Enchanting, soothing aromas that align with your daily purpose.

woman in lavender field smelling aromatherapy by nefertem


100% pure essential oils + zero toxic ingredients.

home office with plants and computer and aroma spray by nefertem


Made for your skin, office, upholstery & anywhere higher vibes are calling.

happy woman smiling about her purchase aroma spray by nefertem

Absolutely Love Them!

"These sprays really set the mood for me. A spritz right on my chest allows me to settle my emotions and refocus my thoughts."

-Jennifer M.

The Purest Vibes

Free from artificial fragrances & additives, our Aroma Sprays contain 2x the industry potency standard in every bottle for a powerful, but natural aroma.

woman smiling walking down the street after using nefertem aroma sprays

30-Day Guarantee

We'll refund 100% of your purchase if you're not in love with our products.

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