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What does it mean to reflect and evolve?

To reflect is to peel back the layers of who you are to understand your mental processes, emotional triggers and behavioral patterns.

To evolve is to explore what you discover, seek to find a new perspective, and be open to change.

To reflect and evolve requires:

  • A firm commitment to daily introspection.
  • Living intentionally and listening carefully.
  • Exploring new ideas, feelings and perspectives.
  • Careful examination of motives and values.
  • Being honest with ourselves and others.

How it works?

Over the years, our family has compiled an extensive library of proverbs, sayings and quotes from a vast span of cultural backgrounds which we call “reflections”.

These reflections have helped to cultivate our personal, professional, and spiritual growth. We trust they can do the same for you.

Each week, we release a new reflection with a brief explanation of its meaning. We email this to our subscribers, post it to our blog and discuss it on our YouTube channel.

You are encouraged to write these reflections down and come back to them throughout the week, especially when you feel disconnected. Discover how they resonate with you and reconsider them daily.

Enhance the Experience

Create a space for this reflection by allowing the powerful aromas from our mindful living tools to help you prepare for your day with purpose! Contemplate while lathering, meditate while moisturizing and ponder while spritzing your aura.

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