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  • Product Sample Kit

    Enjoy a sample of each of our staple products, wrapped up in a cute organza bag just for fun! This kit does not include our seasonal collection.

    This is an excellent way to become introduced to our intimate collection of intention skincare products before you commit to buying full sizes. 

    Kit Includes:

    • 4 Soap Samples: 1 of each: Clarity, Nurture, Balance, and TLC soap.
    • 4 Moisturizer Samples: 1 of each: Ailments, ConScentual, Strength, and Transform moisturizer.
    • White organza mesh bag with satin ties
    • Information card about our products

    More on Each Sample Type... 

    Soap - Each soap sample is approx .15oz and is the end trimmings of our soap loaves, so they're not exactly pretty. They are a far cry from our neatly-trimmed and beautifully stamped, regular size bar soaps, but it DOES give you a feel for the lather and scent of our full-size soaps. 

    Moisturizer - Each moisturizer sample is .15oz of pure delight! Remember, our moisturizers are VERY concentrated, so try just a pea-size amount to hydrate your hands first. Then you'll see how little you'll need for the rest of your skin! 

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