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relax intention kits by Nefertem Holistic Skincare


Your New Sacred Bathing Ritual

Take your bathing routine from dull to divine with our best-selling Intention Kits.

Mind - Body - Skin

hands held under shower water while using nefertem natural soaps

Consciously Cleanse

Discover hand-made, intentional products that align with your daily purpose.

natural bar soap by Nefertem with natural ingredients surrounding it

100% Natural Ingredients

Enjoy the highest quality, non-toxic ingredients for an elevated skincare routine.

woman using nefertem moisturizers on face relaxed

Soothing Self-Care

Honor your wellness with peaceful aromas that renew + refresh.

The Ultimate Skincare Bundle

Magical me-time awaits. We consciously craft each intention kit with 4 essential skincare products, plus 4 energetic bonus products.

woman giving review on Nefertem intention kits loving them

Such Good Vibes!

"Using Nefertem products feels like a gift to my spirits. Showering then lotioning then using the spray has become my favorite routine (even more so than my morning tea which is really saying something for me!). I've been very happy with each kit I've bought."

-Brigit H.

3 Steps to Bathing Bliss

No parabens, preservatives, or junk. Formulated for all skin types.

1. Lather


Cleanse body + spirit with a rich, aromatic soap. Versatile for face + body + hair.

nefertem natural soap with lather in bathroom

2. Hydrate


Indulge in power-packed moisture for luxurious skin, right at home.

woman moisturizing her legs after the nefertem shower

3. Awaken


Move intention into reality with a revitalizing spritz for your skin or your space.

woman spraying nefertem aroma sprays on pillows

Our Staple Collection...

Supporting the root, heart and crown chakras.

*Our seasonal collections support the third eye (autumn), throat (winter), solar plexus (spring) and sacral (summer) chakras and are released during the corresponding season.

Deeper Than Skin

We believe skincare is more than what you put on your skin. Live + bathe consciously with products connected to every inch of body and soul.

woman stretching arms near river after using nefertem skincare

30-Day Guarantee

We'll refund 100% of your purchase if you're not in love with our products.

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