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  • RELEASE Aroma Spray

    Unveil an aromatic experience like no other with the Release Aromatherapy Spray.

    With 2X the industry standard potency, it combines organic essential oils with clear quartz crystals for an intentionally positive energy boost throughout your day.

    Spritz on skin, clothes, or in any space craving higher vibes. Zero toxic ingredients, just clear intentions and a transformative scent.

    Manifest each day with pure vibes and potent aromas using Aromatherapy sprays by Nefertem.


    Full-moon water; essential oil blend of may chang*, bergamot*, and cedarwood*; witch hazel; quartz crystal chips & good vibes.

    Use within one year of purchase.

    4oz Spray

    How & Where to Use

    Shake well before every use to disperse the oils into the water. Then, spray liberally on your skin and clothes, just like you would perfume.

    Spray Anywhere - Spray on bed linens, curtains, and other fabrics in your home, workspace, vehicle or anywhere higher vibes are calling!

    Does not leave oil stains or residue. Will not damage clothes or fabrics.


    More than an aroma; it's a holistic approach to well-being.

    • Provides a burst of natural fragrance to set your mood and spirits aglow
    • Transforms your everyday routine into an intentional act of self-care.
    • Provides a soothing aroma that resonates with your daily purpose.
    • Infuses positive energy into any environment without the use of toxic ingredients.
    Scent Profile

    A crisp, refreshing, lemongrass aroma with a vibrant, clean finish.

    Great scent for women and men alike.

    May change (similar to lemongrass...but way better) offers a bright, lemony top note, while bergamot adds a green, tart splash, rounded out by Cedarwood's subtle hint of sweet woodsy goodness.


    Release old emotions that no longer serve you, become inspired to take action, and access your inner strength with this Release Natural Perfume.

    Helpful for those who tend to hold onto old, stale emotions or who lack the motivation to process old traumas.

    Supports the heart chakra - governs healthy emotional responses, our ability to forgive and find the strength to move on, and our capacity to love fully.

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