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  • How to Take a Mindful Bath or Shower and Why You Should

    June 04, 2022

    women in shower using nefertem skin care

    Are you ever unable to unwind in the shower or bath because your thoughts keep wandering?

    Do you concentrate on your problems as you lotion up? If you haven't tried mindful bathing yet, you're in for a treat! 

    Help prepare your mind for the day ahead and set a positive mood with a daily mindful bath or shower.

    Mindful bathing is the perfect recipe for magical me-time and it’s super simple. Let’s explore!

    What is Mindful Bathing?

    person bathing while reading and using nefertem products

    Mindful bathing, also known as conscious bathing, is simply active meditation during your daily shower or bath to create a sacred, elevating bathing experience.

    It uses the most private, personal time of your day to set the tone, clear your mind and raise your vibes! 

    Mindful bathing combines the cleansing power of water with an intention or positive affirmation for total renewal of the mind, body, and spirit.  

    Mindful bathing is truly the ultimate self-care ritual and is best paired with anIntention Kit.

    In fact, mindful bathing can be life changing… 

    "Conscious bathing, the act of being purposeful in my shower, has changed the way I approach the morning. Coupled with the amazing products inthese intention kits, I feel like a whole different person. Such a great reminder to be mindful." - Cathy W.

    How to Take a Mindful Bath or Shower

    Taking a mindful bath or shower is easy but it does require concentration. The more you practice mindful bathing, the easier it gets, so don’t give up if your mind still wanders from time to time. Just try again tomorrow!

    Step 1 – Gather Supplies

    While there isn’t much needed to take a mindful shower or bath, it is helpful to have a few products available to enhance the experience:

    a crystal for intention setting, anaromatherapy soap for an aromatic experience,natural moisturizer (toxic ingredients don’t belong in a mindful routine),acrystal aroma spray to raise them vibes (perfumes just won’t do!), and quiet, relaxing music to help set the mood.

    Even better, grab anIntention Kit with everything you need plus more!

    nefertem naturals relax intention kit

    Step 2 – Quiet, Connect, Declare

    Before you enter the shower or bath, turn on quiet instrumental music and start by taking slow, deep breaths to quiet your mind and connect with your body.

    Grab yourcrystal, hold it to your heart and declare a single intention or positive affirmation you have for the day.

    For example, “Today I will have patience for my children. Or “I am a patient person.”

    Repeat 3 times quietly to yourself as you visualize your energy settling into the space. Set down your crystal.

    Step 3 – Lather, Rinse, Release

    With your mind focused on your breathing and intention, step into the shower or bath. Allow the water to purify your skin as it runs over your body.

    Feel the sensations – hot, cool, heavy pressure, a slow trickle. Lather youraromatherapy bar soap. Consciously connect with every inch of your body as you lather your skin.

    bar of nefertem natural soap

    As you rinse the soap away, visualize your worries washing down the drain while you release what no longer serves you.

    Maintain focus as you finish your shower or bath and step out with renewed purpose. Be fully present as you dry off.

    Step 4 – Relax, Massage, Activate

    Find a comfortable seat. Tenderly massage yournatural moisturizer into your arms, legs and toes.

    Surrender to the moment and visualize your intention absorbing into your skin like the lotion. Feel the Universal spirit flow through you with ease as you mindfully activate your intention.

    Step 5 – Spritz, Inhale, Align

    When you’re ready, mindfully stand up, get dressed with purpose and stand in front of a mirror with a smile.

    Chin up and chest out, spray your body with acrystal aroma spray from above your head down to your feet. Inhale deeply as the rich aromas of pure essential oils surround you.

    As you do, your energy shifts into alignment with your daily intention or affirmation.

    Now, you’re ready for the world with vibes so high, people will pause to wonder what’s changed about you!

    Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself! 

    Nefertem’s Signature Intention Kits

    nefertem naturals inspire intention kit

    Consciously crafted with the 4 essential skincare items needed to support your mindful bath or shower PLUS 4 energetic bonus items to enhance the experience. 

    Each kit comes with everything you need to make your me-time magical:

    • Crystal
    • Aromatherapy soap
    • Natural moisturizer
    • Crystal aroma spray
    • Natural lip balm
    • 3 Daily Affirmations
    • A Mindful Living eBook
    • And so much more!


     nefertem naturals intention kit ad

    What Customers Are Saying

    Wow! There are no words to describe how much I love this kit! Thank you giving me back my mornings. I love Nefertem products! 

    —Elizabeth D.

    At almost 70, I have discovered that my morning routine effects the outcome of my entire day. If I am mindful with everything, including using these amazing products in/out of the shower, I tend to be more graceful and patient for the remainder of the day. If not, watch out! 

    —Elaine T.

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I never actually meditate although it's always on my mind. When I began consciously bathing using this intention skincare, I could feel the SAME effects as meditation and possibly better! 

    —Lula S.

    Nicest skincare I have ever used! I have combination skin throughout my body which makes it challenging to find creams that work. The included cream works amazing on my skin! 

    —Norah I.

    nefertem naturals purify intention kit ad

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