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  • Clear Quartz - The Master of all Crystals

    December 27, 2021

    woman performing crystal therapy using clear quartz crystal

    Crystals are world-renowned for their healing properties and have been used for centuries to connect people with energies in a multitude of ways including protection, psychic enhancement, spiritual growth and more.

    In this realm of alternative therapy (known as crystal therapy), quartz is perhaps considered the Taj Mahal of crystals, if you will. Not only is quartz the second most abundant mineral on earth’s crust (behind feldspar), but it is also said to be a “master healer”.

    It’s found in as many forms as you can imagine, offers a wide variety of metaphysical benefits and happens to be a free gift inside our Intention Kits.

    What is Quartz?

    clear quartz points

    Quartz is a hard mineral made up of silica. There are 2 distinct forms of quartz - a “normal” one and a high temperature one. The high temperature variety of quartz forms underground at temperatures of over 1,063°F! Quartz crystals that fall under this variety include chalcedony, agate, onyx, carnelian, and jasper.

    Quartz crystals that fall under the “normal” variety (also known as macrocrystalline for their obvious crystal formations) include the famous clear quartz, rose (pink), smoky (grey), amethyst (purple), and citrine (yellow).

    Why is Clear Quartz so Special?

    Clear quartz is arguably the most powerful of all the quartz stones because of its purity of color, its ability to absorb and regulate energy in the environment and its extreme versatility.

    hand holding a clear quartz crystal on metaphysical spiritual background

    Clear quartz has been known to:

    • Enhance the immune system
    • Balance all 7 chakras
    • Improve psychic attunement
    • Boost memory and concentration
    • Aide in spiritual development
    • Absorb and alter surrounding energies
    • Clear emotional blockages
    • Protect against negative energies

    Clear quartz can be used on its own or paired with other crystals to intensify their individual strengths. It can be used in replacement for any other crystal when performing chakra specific energy work. It is even used to make glass!

    What an amazing stone…and to think you get one FREE in every Intention Kit from us!

    How to Use Clear Quartz?

    Clear quartz can be used in as many ways as you can think of...

    You can place one in your pocket or drop it in your bra for day-long protection.

    You can hold it in the palm of your hand during meditation to help quiet your mind or set it under your pillow at night for enhanced dreams.

    You can wear it in jewelry or set it near your journal to enhance creativity and focus. 

    spiritual journal surrounded by crystals

    You can place one on your altar for improved connection to the ancestor world or keep on the edge of your bathtub for enhanced purification during your daily shower or bath.

    You can add it to a crystal bag full of other crystals and trinkets and store in your purse or car.

    You can even take a quartz crystal point and set it right on your third eye to immediately tap into your natural, intuitive abilities.

    You can literally use it any which way you want!

    How to Cleanse and Charge Quartz Crystals

    To maximize your quartz crystal’s benefits, it’s best to cleanse it as soon as you get it and then “charge” it, which is to infuse your energy and intentions into it.

    hands holding clear quartz crystal under cool running water

    Cleanse your crystal by rinsing it in cold water, leaving it outside under the moonlight, burying it in the earth for a few hours or “rinse” it with sage smoke. You can also spray it with a sage aroma spray intended to purify its energy. Learn more about crystal cleansing. 

    To charge your crystal, simply hold it in the palm of your hand, close your eyes, and imagine your spiritual light infusing into the crystal. To charge it with a specific purpose, focus your mind’s eye (attention) on whatever benefit you are trying to manifest, be it peace, joy, wealth, protection, or love.

    Cleansing and charging your quartz crystal regularly will help to restore its equilibrium and neutralize the energy it has picked up.

    If you notice your crystal isn’t providing the same level of benefit as it may have in the past, it could be because it’s bogged down with too much negative energy.

    You then know it’s time to cleanse and recharge once again. As a rule, it’s a great idea to cleanse and recharge your crystals once a month, especially around the full or new moons.

    full moon in blue sky signifying the moon cycles

    A Daily Routine with Quartz Crystals

    Adding a quartz stone, particularly a clear one, to your daily routines and rituals is a great way to keep your mind clear and your body and soul healthy.

    Simply placing it in your bathroom and connecting to it with great intention before you hop in your shower or bath, can help purify your spirits, allowing you to enjoy a light-hearted, positive day.

    Paired with the aromas of our holistic skincare products (soaps, moisturizers and aroma sprays) can elevate your routine into an intentional act towards spiritual growth every single day!

    Nefertem advertisement shop holistic skincare

    How amazing is that!

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