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  • How to Cleanse Your Crystals

    November 22, 2021

    variety of crystals layered on colorful paper

    Crystal therapy is making waves in today's society. The purported uses of crystals range from balancing energy levels and increasing focus to relieving stress and removing negativity. Some help to detox bad energy from people or places and some help to enhance positive energy or encourage a good mood. 

    However, after several uses, your crystals may need to be charged or cleansed so they can release the negative energy they have absorbed back out and recharge their inherent powers.

    Stones used more heavily will need to be cleansed more often, such as stones you carry on your person or use during intention setting practices. Whereas crystals used as decoration around your home may not need cleansing as often.

    For some helpful tips on different ways to cleanse and charge your crystals, read on!

    Full Moon Cleansing

    full moon on dark background for full moon water aromatherapy sprays

    Moonlight is said to be an effective cleansing tool to restore the natural positive energy of crystals, however timing is key. To be most effective, it should be done during a full moon (or the night before or night after.)

    Lay your crystals outdoors in the moonlight on a natural surface such as the ground or a wooden deck, overnight if possible. If you live in an apartment without access to any outdoor surfaces, lay your crystals on a window ledge with the curtains open to allow the moonlight to bathe them while you sleep.

    In the morning, simply gather them up. They are now cleansed, charged by the light of the full moon and ready for use once again!

    Sunlight Cleansing

    holding crystals in the sunlight to cleanse them

    Charging your crystals with sunlight works basically the same way as when using moonlight. Since the rays from the sun are much stronger than that of moonlight, you need to make sure your crystal is able to tolerate the sun.

    Stones with softer energies may be better suited to other cleansing methods but no stone should be left in the sun for an extended amount of time as their coloring can fade. Stones that are best suited for sunlight cleanses are obsidian, onyx, howlite, and tourmaline.

    To do, simply set out your stones during high-noon sun for 30 minutes and they're all set.

    Water Cleansing

    a display of moon water and crystals used during purification

    Before beginning any type of water cleanse, make sure your stones can handle it. Softer, more porous stones, such as celestite, barite and malachite, should not be used with water as they can deteriorate or worse...dissolve completely in the water.

    Polished, harder stones are generally a good candidate for this type of cleanse. Simply fill a bowl with cool water and set your crystal in the water for a few minutes. Remove and dry off completely. Bonus Tip - use pre-made moon water for maximum effectiveness.

    Another option is to run under the faucet using cold water. Again, dry completely. 

    Salt Cleansing

    bowl of salt used to cleanse crystals

    Salt cleansing can be accomplished two ways: using salt water or a bowl of dry salt. Ideally, with salt water cleansing, you would collect and use ocean water. However, if you don't have access to the ocean, simply dissolve a tsp of salt into 8 ounces of water. Then, set your water-safe crystal in the water for a few minutes. Remove, rinse in unsalted, cool water and dry completely.

    The other salt cleansing option is to pour a bowl of salt and bury your crystal under the salt completely. Wait a few minutes or overnight and remove. This is said to remove all impure energies from the stone and recharge it with the power to manifest.

    Smoke Cleansing

    crystals surrounded by incense smoke

    This method involves burning incense or dried herbs which release an aromatic, healing smoke into the air. Move your crystals back and forth through the smoke in a sweeping motion and allow the smoke to wash away all the negativity.

    An added bonus with burning incense is that it cleanses the air of the room you burn it in as well. Just be sure to crack a window open to allow that detoxed energy to leave your home. 

    Earth Cleansing (Burying Your Crystals)

    crystals being buried in the dirt to cleanse them

    Burying your crystals in the dirt can not only cleanse the stones, but also infuse them with the power to ground your energy. This is a great cleansing method for crystals that have been used heavily and may need a major reset. 

    You don’t have to bury them very deep to reap the benefits, a few inches will suffice. Leave them overnight or for a few days. Some even bury for an entire moon cycle to amplify the grounding effects of this method. 

    Cleanse Regularly

    Your crystals work hard for you and need your help to return them to their base state. Use these techniques as often as needed or when you feel your crystals aren’t operating as effectively as they once did. If you haven't yet developed the ability to sense when they get bogged down or are in need of a cleansing, simply do it once a month. 

    Allow all the bad auras and energy to seep away from your crystals so they can continue to restore your mind, body and spirit for years to come. 

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