August 22, 2018

nefertem holistic skincare near bathtub

Skincare can be holistic by connecting our 6 amazing senses (sight, scent, feel, hear, taste and spiritual vibration) to the natural world. (...ok, maybe not taste...)


organic ingredients for herbal skin care

Holistic is "the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts".

Skincare is "the cleansing, massaging, moisturizing, etc. of the skin".

Holistic skincare isn't just the concept of a cream in a jar, but the way in which we physically care for our skin which offers positive effects on our whole body.

Holistic skincare offers the power of the natural world to our daily hygiene routine.

When we look at skincare in this light, we can see the importance of using natural, positively-infused products as a part of our overall healthy, holistic lifestyle.


woman running through forest

Health is a powerful word that can be seen as something to obtain. Rather than viewing it this way, we can choose to view it as a WAY to live our lives - in a STATE of health. 

Holistic health is centered around the idea of LIVING a healthy lifestyle everyday. It requires being disciplined in our daily actions to provide what our mind, body and spirit needs over the course of life.

Instead of "getting some fresh air" we can choose to view it as "reflecting on life in nature".

Instead of "eating" or "dieting", we could choose to view it as "infusing our cells with nutrients".

Instead of "washing up" in the shower, we could choose to view it as "cleansing our bodies and our spirits".


herbal skincare in gift basket

On our journey to maintain health, tools can become essential for keeping us on track. A daily journal can become our therapist; weekly proverbs can become our mentors; and skincare can become our vehicle for growth.

Using a bar of soap infused with high-grade, pure essential oils may help remind us to be in touch with our surroundings by way of stimulating our sense of smell. 

Using an herbal-infused moisturizer may help us connect with our spirit by massaging "the power of nature" deep into our skin.


nefertem holistic skincare near bathtub

Nefertem Holistic skincare ENCOURAGES your MIND/BODY/SPIRIT connection.

It HONORS your unique personality with one-of-a-kind products.

It cares for your DELICATE skin with pure, unrefined ingredients.

It enhances your natural BEAUTY from the inside out.

Learn more about Nefertem Holistic Skincare.

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