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Weekly Inspiration Sent Directly To Your Inbox Every Sunday Morning!

We like to call it, Sunday Reflections...

holistic skincare by nefertem sunday reflections


Looking for reasons to sit back, relax and ponder life?

Would you like actionable tips on how to live a more value-centered lifestyle?

Are you ready to change your attitude and start living with a purpose?

It's time to sign up for our Sunday Reflections email and join a community of people just like you ready to learn, reflect and evolve!


Gain insight with us as we explore a new proverb every Sunday morning. Every email is an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on life in the comforts of your own home.(See example email below.)

PLUS enjoy 10% off your first order of our holistic skincare when you sign up AND periodical, subscriber-only sales! 

Know that we respect your privacy. Not only do we not sell or give your information to ANYONE, but we also do not send you tons of mail you will never read. One single email every Sunday morning, and the occasional sale email (about 6 per year). That's it. (To be honest, that's all we have time for...we're a real family over here!)

Here's an example of what one email looks like:


Sunday reflections weekly inspiration emails

Don't let life pass you by, sign up NOW!



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