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What's the Difference Between Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils?

essential oils versus fragrance oils

Fragrance oils are artificial scents that produce a smell. Essential oils are natural plant extracts shown to produce positive physiological responses.

Fragrance oils have no physical benefits and in fact, have been shown to cause serious side effects such as endocrine system failure. Some have led to cancer, caused hormone imbalance, and more commonly, headaches and migraines. 

Unfortunately, due to laws that protect trade secrets, the toxic ingredients used to produce fragrance oils are not listed on labels. This means that one "cotton blossom" scent can contain an unknown quantity of harmful chemicals that we, as consumers, cannot research. 

Fragrance oils are commonly marketed with natural-looking imagery to invoke a sense of safety and purity. Be warned however, they are a leading cause of skin irritation and eczema. 

essential oils in skincare

Essential oils, on the other hand, are therapeutic, highly-concentrated, plant oils extracted from every part of a plant. They come steam-distilled or cold-pressed and contain phytonutrients that benefit the body, mind and emotions.

Essential oils have a long history of use by cultures as old as the Kemetic people of Africa, Asians, Indians and Europeans. As humans have evolved alongside plants for millions of years, we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship. 

The Effects and Benefits of Essential Oils

Numerous studies have shown the direct effect of essential oils through inhalation and skin application.

When inhaled, the oils bind to our olfactory system -- receptors in our nose -- creating an electrophysiological response that sends messages to the brain.

When applied to the skin, they enter the blood stream through our dermal layers and produce physical effects lasting up to 90 minutes. 

Each one offers unique benefits to the body and mind. There are a wide variety of uses for essential oils. Some are anti-inflammatory, while others reduce the appearance of scars and regenerate healthy skin tissue faster. Some aide in meditation, decrease stress and stimulate the mind. While others boost immune function.

Enhance Your Daily Experience Using Nefertem Products

handcrafted holistic skincare by nefertem

Using products saturated in essential oils can have a dramatic effect on your skin, mood and physical body. Our handcrafted soaps contain twice the industry standard of essential oils in every bar (this is why they smell so good).

Our body butters also contain large amounts of organic essential oils of the highest quality found on the market today. Our proprietary formulas were designed to produce certain results.

The FDA restricts listing benefits of natural remedies; therefore we encourage you to learn about natural ingredients to discover for yourself how powerful nature truly is! 


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