7 Ways to Raise the Vibrations in Your Home

May 06, 2021

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“Positive mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.” — Unknown

Your home should be a peaceful, welcoming respite that shelters you from the hectic demands of the outside world. Home is usually the special space in which you feel most comfortable and most like yourself.

Unfortunately, when we go through emotional challenges, our homes can inadvertently absorb stale, dark energy that can hijack good vibes.

Read on for 7 simple ways to raise the vibrations in your home so you can live your most authentic and uplifting life possible.

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7 Simple Ways to Bring Good Vibes Into Your Home

Open a window: It’s as easy as opening a window to let fresh air inside and let out the negativity. Fresh air not only brings in oxygen which can raise your mood, but it also flushes out low vibrations. 

Declutter: Be sure you’re allowing good energy to properly flow through your home by clearing out any extra clutter. That means you should get rid of piled up mail, overflowing laundry baskets, and messy rooms. 

Bring nature inside: Bring into your home plants or flowers that will purify the air, as well as promote positive energy. The high vibration of colorful flowers and vibrant greenery is known to lift moods, keep the air clean, and bring about positive feelings. Try growing a snake plant, pothos or lily as they are great starter plants.

Crystals: Crystals, like amethyst or black tourmaline, are popular choices for cleansing negative energy. Many people also opt for pink stones such as Himalayan Salt Lamps, halite, and rose quartz as a way of calming their home environments. 

Enhanced bathing routine: Water is a powerful element that can remove both physical and spiritual grime. Light candles, use essential oil soaps and aromatherapy lotions, and play music while relaxing in your bathtub or while taking a shower.

Scents: In addition to using essential oils for bathing, you can easily incorporate different high vibrational aromas throughout your home. You can also burn sage or palo santo which has been scientifically proven to clean the air around us. Smudging your home will keep all types of viruses from infecting you, including a bad attitude. If you're not comfortable with the flame and ash caused by burning sage, try a smoke-free alternative smudging spray instead.

Sounds: For centuries, the healing power of music has cured the soul and increased home vibrations. Opera, orchestral, jazz, or classical music is known to boost our moods, improve our mindframe, and bring about positive vibrational effects.

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Good Vibes Only Please

You probably prefer that only good vibes reside within your home. Obviously that’s not always possible depending on the energies that cross your path (or your door’s threshold) daily.

The easiest way to bring good energy into your home is to follow our seven tips and learn to let go. The more you practice the above, the higher your home's vibrations will become. Eventually, your home will reach its optimal vibration, creating the perfect atmosphere for daily relaxation and reflection.

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