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  • 7 Ways to Cleanse Your Aura

    August 31, 2021

    woman sitting with colorful aura tracing her spine

    “Aura is what one reflects in the heart, what you bring into the world, and what people want to learn from you.” Ozuna, Reggaetón Singer & Songwriter

    What’s an Aura?

    An aura is a subtle, electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our physical bodies.

    Our auras are rainbow-like and pulsing with energy. They are an extension of our physical form, attuned to our emotions, and respond to subtle changes in our external environment.

    Have you ever said to yourself, “I have a bad feeling about this"? That's your aura doing its job!


    Why Would I Cleanse My Aura?

    woman holding aura energy in hands

    You want to cleanse your aura because over time, the exposure to an assortment of energies can bog you down and "dirty" your aura.

    Think - negative people, stressful situations, day-to-day drama, and other emotionally-charged events. It can be a lot! 

    You may start to feel lethargic, negative for no good reason, or simply "off".

    When your aura isn’t at 100% full rainbow power, life often feels very “blah” and uninspiring.

    That's when you know it's time to cleanse your aura again! 

    For some, this could be weekly. For others, daily. 

    Need some aura-enhancing, try our Intention Kits! The perfect self-care ritual for daily aura cleansing. Made with organic ingredients and good vibes. 


    How do I Cleanse My Aura?

    Aura cleansing can happen in a multitude of ways. Explore the 7 ways to cleanse your aura we've chosen to highly below, then let us know your favorite!



    Burning palo santo to cleanse smudge spray

    The traditional, indigenous practice of “smudging” is very helpful in cleansing the aura.

    Smudging is done by burning sacred bundles of herbs, resins, or wood such as sage, rosemary, lavender, frankincense or palo santo (seen above in picture) around your body.

    As the smoke envelopes you, focus your attention + intention on the purification and revitalization of your mind, body and spirit.

    If you are sensitive to smoke, a smudge spray (infused with sacred sage, frankincense and pine essential oils) can be used instead. 

    Simply spray above your head and around your body while holding your intention. 


    Walk in the Rain

    woman outside in the rain smilingWater is a powerful purification element that’s been known for centuries to rejuvenate the spirit.

    Take the opportunity to walk in the rain, take a salt bath, or dip into a natural body of water.

    Walking in the rain barefoot provides the added benefit of grounding your aura.

    Sitting in a natural hot springs (if you're lucky enough to be near one) also aides in skin detoxification. 


    Sound Cleansing

    sound bowl for cleansing the auraYour aura can be cleansed through sound. Consider using a handheld chime, ceremonial drum, tuning forks, or a Tibetan singing bowl for aura cleansing.

    Certain frequencies and tones given off by these instruments can help "shake" those bad vibes out and rejuvenate your aura through vibration.

    *Tip - Find a local sound wash meditation event and prepare to be amazed at the range of emotions felt as the different sounds reverberate off the walls and into your spirits. 



    woman with arms open facing the sun to cleanse her auraYour aura naturally soaks up the sun's beautiful rays.

    Even after a short amount of time in the sun, you’ll begin to feel perkier, optimistic, and nourished. That's the sun purifying and recharging your aura! 

    As an added benefit, vitamin D is synthesized by our bodies when we expose our skin to sunlight. Try just 20 minutes per day for optimal health and mood!



    woman taking aura cleansing bath in tub

    Aura cleansing baths are an excellent tool to regain your spark.

    Use purifying and calming aromas in your bath, like lavender, frankincense, and orange essential oils.

    Lather your skin with a natural, aromatherapy soap while visualizing your worries washing away.

    *Tip - It's best to follow up your aura cleansing bath with a cleansed and blessed, natural moisturizer. 

    This prevents the bad vibes from "dirty ingredient" lotions seeping into your skin and aura! 



    woman grounding barefoot on rocks in forestIf you've never walked outside barefoot, you've never truly lived. 

    Walking barefoot, also called grounding or earthing, assists in both the purification and recharging of the aura.

    It can also help boost immunity naturally, improve the mood and provide a sense of "feeling grounded" as that earth energy flows through your soles.

    Another way to ground is to lay outside on a blanket and watch the clouds go by. Cleanse your aura and take a break from the chaos...yes please!


    Protect Your Aura

    black tourmaline for aura protection

    Last but certainly not least - protect your aura at all costs!

    The best way to keep your aura cleansed is to protect it from energy pollution caused by Debbie Downers, Negative Nancys, and Fearful Freds.

    It's true, some people's energy can simply drain you and your aura. Avoid them if you can, wear a black tourmaline crystal if you can't.

    Said to ward off the “evil eye” (think - negative thoughts from others), this powerful stone also helps to preserve and strengthen your energy, keeping it intact even during stressful situations.

    Wear a piece of tourmaline around your neck, in your pocket or tucked in your bra - but don't forget to cleanse it from time to time as well. Learn how to cleanse your crystals here. 


    Maintain Your Aura with Your Skincare

    Nefertem Intention Kits Shop Now

    The tips above are excellent ways to keep your aura clean, vibrant and full of good jujus. 

    However, sometimes, try as we might, we can find it difficult to add anything extra into our day, even something as simple as 20 minutes of sunshine. 

    This is where intentional skincare comes in to save the day! 

    Mindfully bathing, using products cleansed and blessed to support your journey, are the perfect way to cleanse your aura daily without adding anything else to your plate! 

    You're already bathing, why not elevate the experience into a sacred ritual to care for your mind, body and aura daily. 

     Read to experience daily aura cleansing yourself while infusing your skin with all natural ingredients? Shop Now!

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