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woman sitting with colorful aura tracing her spine

7 Ways to Cleanse Your Aura

“Aura is what one reflects in the heart, what you bring into the world, and what people want to learn from you.” Ozuna, Reggaetón Singer & Songwriter

What’s an Aura?

Every one of us has an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our physical bodies which is known as the “aura”. Our auras are rainbow-like and pulsing with energy. Your aura is an extension of your physical self, it’s attuned to your health, emotions, and external environment. When you say, “I have a bad feeling about this,” know THAT’S your aura doing its job.

7 Ways to Cleanse Your Energy Rainbow

Over time you may find your aura drained of positive energy by several different factors that are just part of modern life, like negative people, stressful circumstances, and day-to-day annoyances.

You may be experiencing emotional ups and downs caused by your drained aura. In fact, you may feel more agitated than normal or perhaps a bit depressed. When your aura isn’t at 100% full rainbow power, life often feels very “blah” and uninspiring. That’s when you know it’s time to scrub that aura clean again!

woman blowing sage

Smudging: The traditional Native American practice of “smudging” is very helpful in cleansing the aura. Smudging is done by burning sacred bundles of herbs, resins, or wood such as sage, rosemary, lavender, frankincense or Palo Santo around your body. A smoke-free alternative, such as our spirit-cleansing aroma spray, can also be used. Smudging sprays use the power of the extracted herb, in the form of essential oils, to perform the same aura-cleansing action. To use, simply spray above your head, down the front of your body and down to your feet to restore your aura. Aroma sprays can also be used to rid your home of negative energy by simply spraying around the home, leaving a window cracked, and declaring into the space “I rid my home of negative energy”. Learn more about how to cleanse yourself with sage here. 

Walk in the Rain: Water is a powerful element that’s been known for centuries to rejuvenate the spirit. Take the opportunity to walk in the rain, take a salt bath, or refresh with some swimming. Of course, walking through a rainstorm includes the bonus of grounding your aura through being outside in nature (try doing it barefoot for an out-of-this world experience!). Woman playing sound bowl

Sound Cleansing: Your aura can be cleansed through sound. Consider using a handheld chime, ceremonial drum, tuning forks, or a Tibetan singing bowl for aura cleansing. This is helpful because certain tones are known to clear our negative, funky energies. Don’t have any of the above? Search YouTube for thousands of healing frequencies and instrumental music videos.

Sunlight: Your aura soaks up natural sunlight. Even after a short amount of time I the sun, you’ll begin to feel perkier, optimistic, and nourished. Be sure to get at least 10-20 minutes of sunshine every day so you can keep your aura happy.

woman sitting in bath holding a flower with incense stick behind her

Bathing: Aura cleansing baths are an excellent tool to regain your spark. Use purifying and calming aromas in your bath, like lavender, May Chang, and grapefruit essential oils. Choose to cleanse with 100% natural soaps made of organic botanicals and soothing essential oils, purposefully designed to support this daily cleansing ritual. Follow up your aura cleansing bath with enchanting moisturizers to seal in your renewed state.

Protect Your Aura: It’s best to “keep your aura close” by protecting it from becoming polluted with other’s low energy. Once your aura is cleansed, you’ll want to be sure to keep it close to you and away from too much negativity. One excellent way to protect your aura is to wear a raw, black tourmaline necklace around your neck or carry one in your pocket. Said to ward off the “evil eye” (think - negative thoughts from others), this powerful stone also helps to preserve your energy, keeping it intact even during stressful situations.

woman walking barefoot with shoes in hand

Grounding: Keep close to Mother Earth daily for a fully charged aura. You can stay “grounded” by going for a walk outside, swimming at the beach, camping, gardening, etc. Try laying on a blanket outside on the day of a full moon for an even more intense grounding experience.

Any of these suggestions can be used regularly to maintain a healthy, vibrant, colorful aura. As creators of intentional skincare products, we strongly suggest using your bathing routine as an aura-cleansing ritual.

Simply start by setting your intention (example: “I will cleanse my aura of all that doesn’t serve me and revive my healthy spirits.”), washing your body with our aromatherapy soaps, allowing the water to wash away negativity and fears.

Then, step out refreshed, apply any one of our enchanting moisturizers while focusing on infusing love and abundance into your skin.

Seal the experience in with a divine spritz of our aroma sprays and wha-la!

You’ve just raised your vibrations, starting your day off on a whole new level!

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