August 07, 2018

pine cone showing natural ingredients

Choosing organic products has a monumental influence that extends far beyond the single transaction.

From the positive effects on our environment, to the reduction of toxin exposure, your choice of organic has never been so important.

Decreases Harmful Chemical Exposure

pollution in the air not caused by herbal skin care makers

The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 allowed over 60,000 chemicals currently in use to be passed through without extensive safety testing, and in some cases, no safety testing at all. These chemicals are found in your skincare, cleaning products and food. With 49.4 million Americans currently suffering from eczema or atopic dermatitis, the choice of organic skincare, for one, is very clear. (source)

Preserves Nature

chicken on farm

Organic farming uses no pesticides. It preserves the biodiversity of the land. It reduces the amount of contaminants in our water, soil and air. It also provides a respite area for the bees as they are exposed to more and more chemicals used today in agriculture. Bees are the foundation of our food chain. Let that sink in.

As stewards of the land, it is our responsibility to protect, nurture and preserve the land for the next generations. Not supporting corporations that place profit over the environment helps save our planet from the destructive forces currently waged against nature.

Whenever you have the choice, choose organic, certified or not.

Casts a Strong Vote … AND ITS WORKING!

woman showing her vote against not natural beauty products

Corporations are feeling the burn of lost profits as consumers gravitate towards truly natural and organic products.

“When the 2008 global financial crisis drove markets down, demand for artisan products kept growing – doubling in value from just six years before. Today, it’s an estimated $32 billion a year industry.” (source)

Unfortunately, corporate giants are now touting natural, handmade-looking labels while using the same poisons as before. Show these corporations you are smarter than that.

Read labels and choose organic whenever possible.

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