What You Give You Get Ten Times Over

July 01, 2020

woman hugging tree after using nefertem holistic skin care

Reflect & Evolve

What you give, you get, ten times over. - African proverb

Throughout the years and cultures, we find different versions of this proverb. Some examples include: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", "When you do good, good follows you", and "You reap what you sow". While the words may differ, the lesson remains the same.

This week's reflection cautions and encourages us to live with honor.

When wishing harm on someone else, we undoubtedly bring harm onto ourselves, whether that's in the form of mental anguish or quite literally, physical harm (ever stub your toe after cursing someone).

On the flip side, when praying for the benefit of someone else, we not only assist the spirits in helping that person, we also bring love and joy to ourselves.

As we pray for others, compassion multiplies the world over. As we send a blessing out to another, abundance flows like water. As we encourage others, we create a shift within our community of support.

Never forget that every single person has the power to improve the world using the power of visualization and speaking into existence love, compassion and support.

This is a powerful position to be in. This week, and every week from here on, let us use it for the betterment of others and watch how it multiplies ten times over for the good of us too.

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