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What is Holistic Skincare?

holistic skincare by nefertem

Holistic skincare is a unique form of skincare that is manufactured, stored, and sold in alignment with the highest good. 

Authentic holistic skincare is carefully formulated to energetically support the mind, body and spiritual connection of an individual as a part of their daily routine and infused with the purest ingredients possible. 

Nefertem has been formulating holistic skincare products since 2012 with the intention of creating a shift of consciousness by inspiring daily reflection and growth through the use of powerful skin preparations. Browse Nefertem Holistic Skincare Products now. 

Holistic Skincare Enhanced Using 3 Steps

Holistic skincare is typically prepared using three additional steps that typical skincare formulators do not perform: spiritually cleansing ingredients, creating products on key celestial transitions and ceremoniously blessing the finished products. 

These additional energetic or spiritual steps are done to ensure the highest and most pure form of energetic healing possible. Let's explore...

Step 1 - Spiritually Cleansing Ingredients

Depending on the type of ingredient, the formulator of holistic skincare would choose the best technique to purify the ingredient to release all energy that the ingredient has been exposed to prior to being received by the formulator.

Some ingredients cannot be cleansed with certain techniques, therefore, the skilled formulator would carefully select the type of cleansing that would be of the highest good for the ingredient.

It is important to note here that a true holistic skincare company would only use 100% natural ingredients and purchase from other, like-minded companies to ensure the purity of the end product.

Techniques for Cleansing Ingredients:

  • Smudging - To smudge is to surround the item with sage smoke to purify it while holding the intention of purification.
  • Moon or sun bathing - To moon/sun bathe means to set the ingredients outside in the light of the moon or sun for a specified period of time, while holding the intention of purification.
  • Intention cleansing - To intention cleanse is to achieve a meditative type state while focusing on the purification of the object. This may also include writing a sigil (an acronym of a healing word or phrase) on the outside of the container. For example, Nefertem uses "HCME" to infuse the power of Healing, Cleansing, Manifesting and Evolving into the particular ingredient.
  • Sound cleansing - To sound cleanse is to expose the ingredients to different therapeutic frequencies of sound/vibration.
  • Light cleansing - To light cleanse is to expose the ingredients to different spectrums or colors of light. 

holistic skincare cleansing ritual

Step 2 - Creating Products On Key Celestial Dates

Once the ingredients are purified, the formulator would then choose a date to produce the products to enhance their energetic qualities. 

Key celestial times could look like:

  • Full moons or new moons
  • Sun or moon eclipses
  • Planetary movements that align with the type of product to be made 
  • Yearly transitions such as the equinoxes and solstices

Once those dates have arrived, the formulator would prepare the work space by cleansing the room, setting crystals and aromas that align with the type of product to be made and playing therapeutic music. This "sets" the atmosphere for the act of creation. 

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what is holistic skincare by nefertem

Step 3 - Ceremoniously Blessing the Finished Products

Once the products have been made, the formulator would then declare a statement of the highest good specific for each type of product made.

For instance, if a product is made for clearing stored emotions, the statement might go like this, "Bless these products with the power of releasing emotions that no longer serve. May each and every person who is drawn to these products experience the power of release as a part of their daily healing process."

Purity of Formulator Reflects on Purity of Products

The authentic formulator of holistic skincare would live in alignment with the highest good. This includes having undergone intense spiritual development and a total awareness of self. He/She should be cleansing, grounding and evolving daily to ensure their energy is pure and highly charged. 

The journey of the maker is also the journey of the products in the concept of holistic skincare. If a maker is "unseasoned" or disconnected or impure, the products will lack the high vibrations necessary to warrant calling the products truly holistic. 

Not All Holistic Skincare Is Created Equally

While every formulator will choose their own techniques and processes, the overarching concept is that holistic skincare is created in a pure environment with the intention of creating balance for the entire mind, body spirit.

As an educated consumer, it's important to ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of who you are purchasing from and what they do to enhance the products they make. As stated before, the purity of the creator and ingredients will reflect in the purity of the finished product. 

Your skincare - your entire hygiene routine - is the one thing that gets done daily that can have a significant impact on your energetic disposition. It can set a high tone for greatness or it can wallow at a low vibration taking you down with it. Choose wisely! Choose Nefertem Holistic Skincare.

What Does Holistic Skincare Do For You


It HONORS your unique personality while infusing your cells with positive vibrations.

It shines as bright as your AURA.

It creates a space to shut out chaos, CLEANSE your mind and EVOLVE into a better you.

It enhances your natural BEAUTY and promotes growth from the inside out.

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The Original holistic skincare company - Nefertem®

Nefertem was birthed out of the idea that if everyone set out to evolve spiritually and emotionally every day, without having to switch up their routine much, the world would change right under all of our noses.

Nefertem was founded by a woman who believes in cultivating a positive shift in consciousness through the use of holistic skincare.

Nefertem products are unlike anything you have ever tried. Hand-crafted using only the finest ingredients, sourced directly, responsibly harvested and energetically charged. Their proprietary formulas infuse your skin with essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins and have been consistently ranked as the highest vibrational skincare in the world!

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