July 21, 2018

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Holistic skincare is a unique form of skincare that is manufactured, stored, and sold in alignment with the highest good. 

Authentic holistic skincare is carefully formulated to energetically support the mind, body and spiritual connection. It's also made with the purest ingredients possible. 

Nefertem has been formulating holistic skincare products since 2012 with the intention of creating a shift of consciousness by inspiring daily reflection and growth through the use of powerful skin preparations. Browse Nefertem Holistic Skincare. 

Holistic Skincare Enhanced Using 3 Steps

Holistic skincare is prepared using three steps typical skincare manufacturers do not perform: spiritual cleansing, creating at key celestial transitions and ceremoniously blessing each batch. 

Let's explore...

Step 1 - Spiritually Cleansing Ingredients

Depending on the type of ingredient, the artisan would choose the best purification technique to release all energy the ingredient has been exposed to from growth to harvest to shipping.

It is important to note that a true holistic skincare company would choose purity, people and the planet over profit - purchasing from other conscious businesses. This raises the potential of the final product.

Techniques for Cleansing Ingredients:

  • Smudging - To smudge is to surround the item with sage smoke to purify it while holding the intention of purification.
  • Moon or sun bathing - To moon/sun bathe means to set the ingredients outside in the light of the moon or sun for a specified period of time, while holding the intention of purification.
  • Intention cleansing - To intention cleanse is to achieve a meditative type state while focusing on the purification of the object. This may also include writing a sigil (an acronym of a healing word or phrase) on the outside of the container. For example, Nefertem uses "HCME" to invoke the power of Healing, Cleansing, Manifesting and Evolving into the particular ingredient.
  • Sound cleansing - To sound cleanse is to expose the ingredients to different therapeutic frequencies of sound/vibration.
  • Light cleansing - To light cleanse is to expose the ingredients to different spectrums or colors of light.  

feather blowing burning sage to cleanse holistic skincare

Step 2 - Creating Products On Key Celestial Dates

Once the ingredients are purified, the formulator would then choose a date to produce the products to enhance their energetic qualities.

Key celestial times could look like:

  • Full moons, new moons, or quarter moons
  • Sun or moon eclipses
  • Planetary movements that align with the type of product to be made 
  • Yearly transitions such as the equinoxes and solstices
  • Dates that resonate with the formulator
  • When the Spirit moves her to make them (after all, she is living in alignment with the flow)

Once those dates have arrived (or the flow feels rights), the formulator would prepare the work space by cleansing the room, setting crystals and aromas that align with the type of product to be made and playing therapeutic music. This "sets" the atmosphere for the act of creation. 

crystals in bowl for holistic skincare ceremony

Step 3 - Ceremoniously Blessing the Finished Products

Once the products have been made, the formulator would then declare a statement of the highest good specific for each type of product made.

For instance, if a product is made for clearing stored emotions, the statement might go like this, "Bless these products with the power of releasing emotions that no longer serve. May each and every person who is drawn to these products experience the power of release as a part of their daily healing process."

woman holding spiritual candle for blessing holistic skincare

Pure Formulator = Pure Products

An authentic holistic skincare formulator lives in alignment with the highest good. This likely includes having undergone intense spiritual development and a growing awareness of self, family and community.

She likely cleanses, meditates, grounds and reflects daily to ensure her energy is pure and ever-evolving. This conscious effort translates into the power of the final product.

Not All Holistic Skincare Is Created Equally

It's important that holistic skincare is created in a pure environment with pure materials. Formulators who may be disconnected or of impure heart lack the spiritual prowess required to make high vibrational skincare. 

Just as it's wise to read ingredients on labels, it's equally smart to dig deeper into the journey of the formulator. If the creator has "icky" energy, the final products will too. It's the law of attraction.

Considering how often you shower and moisturize, that energy can have a significant impact on your aura. It can enliven or dampen. It's your choice.

happy woman walking through field of organic herbs

What Does Holistic Skincare Do For You


It HONORS your unique personality while infusing your cells with positive vibrations.

It shines as bright as your AURA.

It creates a space to shut out chaos, CLEANSE your mind and EVOLVE into a better you.

It enhances your natural BEAUTY and promotes growth from the inside out.

The Original holistic skincare company - Nefertem®

Nefertem was birthed out of the idea that if everyone set out to evolve spiritually and emotionally every day, the world would gradually change for the better.

Nefertem products are unlike anything you have ever tried. Their proprietary formulas have been consistently ranked as the best holistic skincare in the world!

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