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What is Holistic Skincare?

holistic skincare by nefertem

Holistic skincare is a type of skincare formulated to energetically support the mind, body and spiritual connection of an individual. Many times holistic skincare is natural, but natural doesn't mean holistic

Formulators of authentic holistic skincare perform extra steps to ensure the energetic quality of the ingredients are as pure as they can be before beginning to create products with them. 

holistic skincare by nefertem

Ways ingredients are "cleansed" can be smudging (surrounding the ingredient with smoke to purify it), moon or sun bathing (setting the ingredient outdoors for a period of time to purify it), intention cleansing, fire cleansing, sound cleansing and light cleansing. Some ingredients cannot be exposed to sunlight without causing damage, therefore, a different form of cleansing would be chosen. 

holistic skincare cleansing ritual

Once the ingredients are purified, the formulator would then choose a date to produce the products.

  • Some choose key celestial times, such as a full moon or new moon, to enhance the energetic qualities of the product.
  • Some perform a ceremony or ritual to raise the vibrations of the space regardless of the date.
  • Some use pure intuition to determine what would be best for the product and those intended to receive the healing from the products.

Most create a defined space based on the purpose of the product to be made.

An example would be playing soft, instrumental music while diffusing lavender essential oil and setting out an amethyst crystal to charge the space, and therefore the products, for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

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what is holistic skincare by nefertem

An authentic formulator would also undergo consistent spiritual work, growth and cleansing of self on a regular, if not daily, basis to ensure their energy is pure, charged and grounded.

The journey of the maker is also the journey of the products in the concept of holistic skincare. If a maker is "unseasoned" or disconnected or impure, the products will lack the high vibrations necessary to warrant calling the products truly holistic. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous companies that make claims but don't follow through. As an educated consumer, you understand how important it is to read labels and read "between the lines". It is also recommended to get to know the company before you buy. Read their about us page, give them a call and have a chat, visit them at a local event. 

Your skincare - your entire hygiene routine - is the one thing that gets done daily that can have a significant impact on your energetic disposition. It can set a high tone for greatness or it can wallow at a low vibration taking you down with it. 

What does holistic skincare do exactly?


It HONORS your unique personality while infusing your cells with positive vibrations.

It shines as bright as your AURA.

It creates a space to shut out chaos, CLEANSE your mind and EVOLVE into a better you.

It enhances your natural BEAUTY and promotes growth from the inside out.

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How do you use holistic skincare?

Just imagine this is your daily routine from now on....

...Close the door to chaos. Let the hot water cleanse you. Breathe in deeply the natural aroma. Lather and connect with every inch of your body. Rinse away the day and all its frustrations. Step out, dry yourself and rest. Lovingly infuse moisture into your skin. Reflect on life. Spray your aura and your body with the intoxicating aromatic blends. Enjoy this space to evolve. Carry this essence with you....

Can you just imagine what the world would look like if holistic skincare was used by everyone!

shop holistic skincare by nefertem

shop holistic skincare

The Original holistic skincare company - Nefertem®

Nefertem was birthed out of the idea that if everyone set out to evolve spiritually and emotionally every day, without having to switch up their routine much, the world would change right under all of our noses.

Nefertem was founded by a woman who believes in cultivating a positive shift in consciousness through the use of holistic skincare.

Nefertem products are unlike anything you have ever tried. Hand-crafted using only the finest ingredients, sourced directly, responsibly harvested and energetically charged. Their proprietary formulas infuse your skin with essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins and have been consistently ranked as the highest vibrational skincare in the world!


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holistic skincare by nefertem


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