What are the 5 types of self-care?

August 31, 2022

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Self-care has become such a buzz word lately that it seems as though if you don’t practice it, you’re missing out!

But have you ever dug deep to find out what self-care really is and all the ways you can practice it? 

We have, and we’re sharing what we found out with you below! 

We’ll even share a secret on how you can tackle multiple areas of self-care at the same time, while doing a simple thing you already do daily! Let’s explore! 

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What is Self-Care?

Self-care is anything that we do to take care of our minds, bodies, and souls so that we can function optimally in everyday life. 

It’s all the things we consciously do to keep our minds clear, our bodies healthy, and our spirits happy.

Practicing self-care can help you feel happier, more confident and get through tough times with ease. 

Self-care is not selfish, on the contrary it’s a generous act that we do for ourselves so that we can be there for others.

There are 5 key areas in our lives where we can practice self-care to get the most out of it.  

Spiritual Self-Care

Spiritual self-care is about connecting to your own source of wisdom and strength, as well as your sense of purpose and meaning in life. 

Practicing your spiritual self-care means having a regular sacred practice that enables you to tap into your inner-self and choosing to integrate it into your daily life. 

Examples of daily spiritual practices are: prayer, meditation, journaling, reading scripture, writing visions, or even just taking some time to be still and present in the moment. 

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When we commit to connecting with spirit daily, choosing to listen to what our heart and soul have to say to us, we are more likely to feel satisfied, joyous, and full of gratitude.

Physical Self-Care

Physical self-care is about taking care of your body in every way possible. 

This includes getting enough sleep, eating nutritious foods, drinking lots of water, getting enough sunshine and exercise. 

Examples of physical self-care are simply taking a leisurely walk in the sunshine, practicing yoga before bed, eating a rainbow of colors at every meal, and choosing water over soda. 

Being physical and prioritizing your health can have profound positive effects on all the other areas of self-care and lead to a rewarding daily experience full of vitality and energy.

Mental Self-Care

Mental self-care is about taking care of your thoughts and how you process them. 

It’s about learning to be aware of your ideas, beliefs, values, and speech, and then choosing the concepts that serve you and your highest good.

By simply learning to pause for one breath to consider the situation before you respond to it can be the difference between a lifetime of regret (mental anguish) and a feeling of peace from being in control of your reactions. 

While mental self-care requires more reflection and effort to sustain, it also has the potential for the greatest positive impact on you and your entire family. 

As you break through generational trauma responses and outdated belief systems that no longer serve your highest good, you tend to free your mind to be open to new possibilities and intense growth. 

Emotional Self-Care

Emotional self-care is about taking care of your feelings and learning how to regulate them so that they don’t get in the way of you living your best life. 

It’s also about learning to identify what you’re feeling in the moment, why the emotion arose, and how to process the emotion most effectively in a safe way. 

Emotional self-care can look like crying when you feel like crying without shame or guilt for doing so.  

It can look like journaling your frustrations, expressing your anger calmly to the one who upset you, screaming into a pillow, or laughing uncontrollably as a form of therapy. 

Practicing emotional self-care works intimately with mental self-care in that we must be the observer of our thoughts AND feelings in order to consciously manage them for our betterment.

Social Self-Care

Social self-care is about taking care of your relationships and your position in the community. 

It’s about being honest and open with the people you love, creating and communicating clear boundaries, and learning to support others in a way that also support your well-being. 

Social self-care is also about learning to identify how you can contribute to and engage in a healthy society. 

It can look like volunteering once a month, joining a support group, picking up litter, or adopting a rescue dog.

Engaging in social self-care practices can help provide a sense of belonging and purpose that goes beyond your home’s four walls.

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Self-Care is for Everyone

Self-care is an essential part of leading a healthy and happy life for everyone, even those who come across as “tough” or “strong”. 

In fact, it’s those who have a strong outer appearance who tend to need self-care the most: think moms, dads, teachers, nurses, etc.… 

Many have learned to set aside their own needs to care for others when in reality they cannot properly give of themselves if they have nothing more to give. 

Regardless of who you are and how strong you think you are, YOU CANNOT POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP. 

Self-Care in Your Daily Life

Many people make the mistake of thinking that self-care is about treating yourself to a fancy vacation every few years or spending money going to the spa around their birthday. 

And while those things can be nice, true self-care is a lot simpler than that. 

It’s about waking up each day, taking care of your basic needs, and taking time for yourself so that you can be at your best.

And here’s our secret to success… let the things you do everyday become your self-care practices. 

Let your routines double as your time to take care of you. 

For example, instead of taking a boring old shower every day, take an intentional shower using products designed to enhance the experience. 

How to Incorporate all 5 Self-Care Types into One Daily Act


Before stepping into the shower, you take a moment to connect with your breath, say a positive affirmation in the mirror with a smile, and set your intention for the day. 

Step into the shower and while lathering up with a quality aromatherapy soap, visualize your worries washing down the drain. 

After you dry off, lovingly massage an aromatherapy moisturizer into your arms, legs, and soul as you visualize strength and courage being infused into your skin.

Then, spritz yourself from head to toe with a crystal-infused aromatherapy spray designed to seal in your intention for the day. 

Can you imagine the power behind this routine! Can you imagine how confident you would be after a morning routine like that!  

This simple, yet powerful daily ritual requires little more effort than taking a regular shower but has the power to tap into all 5 forms of self-care at once! 

And the beautiful thing is that Nefertem, a family-owned, holistic skincare company, was created to support your self-care bathing routine. 

In fact, they even offer Intention Kits designed to create specific energetic spaces using different essential oil combinations, crystals, and affirmations. 

Check out their intention kits here.

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Experience the best in all 5 forms of self-care with Nefertem Holistic Skincare!

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