June 17, 2020

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Reflect & Evolve

To know the truth is to be the truth. - Dogon proverb

It's one thing to say that we believe in the power of x, y or z; it's another thing to actually live in the belief of x, y or z. While we can conceptually think we know something, we must process it in order to internalize and become one with it.

This week's proverb can be interpreted as living the truth we claim to know.

To be the truth, we must break down our current understanding of it, chew it up, spit it out and examine it with a fresh new pair of eyes. Once we do, that truth becomes a part of our soul's growth. It alters our mind, our way of communicating, our walk, our talk, our vibration and our perspective from then on.

This week, when we come across a piece of new information or a new thought, let's discover if it's worth exploring. If it IS, begin the journey of understanding it fully.

Determine the right questions to help you uncover the truth. Take the time necessary to read, listen, follow the logic and ask the Universe to guide you on your way. Then, compare what you find to what you already know.

Have faith that this process alone will change you for the better, regardless of what you find out. To truly know yourself is the greatest truth you will ever know.

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