The Power of the Divine Feminine Spirit

May 16, 2022

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The essence of creation is housed within the divine feminine spirit. She receives, nourishes, multiplies, softens, strengthens, and nurtures whatever is given to her.

Conversely, the divine masculine provides, protects, defends, conceptualizes, and honors whatever is given to him.

The duality between the two is what moves life forward, creates balance in the Universe and supports eternal growth. 

At the most basic level, these two opposing yet allied forces must coexist to move the human species forward. When healthy and balanced, this symbiotic relationship produces the world’s most precious resources…life.

Fruiting trees, newborn babies, day/night, up/down, the seasons, the weather, baby chickens, and everything else you could possibly think of is created by the joining of the divine feminine and masculine spirits.

And we’re not just talking about “a woman”, but the divine feminine energy of creation, growth, nourishment and life, that resides in a woman, as well as other Universal elements. 

It begs to be said that to honor the divine feminine is not to disregard or downplay the divine masculine in any way, as by lifting the divine feminine, we naturally lift the divine masculine as well.

But for the sake of this article, we wish to explore the physical manifestation of the divine feminine alone…

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Nurturing & Caring

When one thinks of their grandmother or mother, likely thoughts of softness, compassion, inner strength, and a comforting hug come to mind.

Those of us fortunate enough to have experienced this embodiment of the divine feminine would agree that a mother’s hug feels like home no matter how old you are.

There is nothing like a woman or a mother’s love to make you feel like the world will be alright, no matter what. This powerful aspect of the divine feminine spirit helps the world keep hope, engage in compassion, and show love to perfect strangers.

Strong & Resilient

A woman who has transitioned into motherhood shifts into a level of strength and mysterious resiliency unmatched by other rites of passage. Not only will she have endured the highest level of pain known to mankind during labor and delivery, but her entire body changes in response to the act of giving life.

Her hips spread, her breasts become engorged with milk, her mind shifts into protect mode, her devotion to her children’s health and safety is prioritized, and her intuition heightens in order to “see” things before they could happen.

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While some of these changes were long thought to be “fluff”, science has begun proving the validity of these powerful, divine feminine shifts. 

Motherhood Produces Physical Changes

Neurologists have begun studying the woman’s brain regarding how it changes during pregnancy and after childbirth.

A mother’s brain becomes a machine designed to protect, care for, nurture, and love her child. The emotion-regulating area of the brain (amygdala) increases in activity and new neurological pathways are established in response to motherhood.

These changes have been theorized as an evolutionary adaptation resulting in the hyper-sensitivity to her baby’s needs, required to sustain life. 

Creation of the Universe

Many cultures around the world believe that the Universe itself was created by the divine feminine spirit, and arguably how could it not have been.

The female creates life where there previously was none. Black holes, the most mysterious “things” in the Universe, could be the original birthing canals our world passed through in order to become what it is.

Could it be that the Universe itself is the physical and energetic manifestation of the divine feminine spirit?

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Honoring the Divine Feminine

Embodying the divine feminine spirit is a big job and requires plenty of rest to ensure the strength needed to endure the many daily demands thrown her way.

If rest is not taken, a woman can burn out, become snappy, and wear down her faculties. The antidote…taking time for herself! 

While there are many ways to honor the divine feminine, we propose providing the ladies in your life (including yourself) space and tools to be nurtured herself.

As a woman and a mother, we are regularly called in twenty different directions, requiring ourselves to give unselfishly to all those in need.

Therefore, when it’s time to recharge, or refill our empty cups, many times it is best to simply take space (or give her some space) to rejuvenate her spirits. 

Relax Intention Kit

Our relax intention kit was specifically designed to support and honor the divine feminine spirit in a way that revives her core so she can continue being the loving, caring person we know her to be!

With 4 essential skincare items and 4 energetic bonus gifts, this kit is the perfect gift for any woman in need of a moment to pause, reflect and renew her divine feminine spirit.

nefertem relax intention kit

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