June 10, 2020

father showing child how to fish near stream

Reflect & Evolve

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. - Chinese proverb

The world has shifted. Some things seem like they will never be the same. Regardless of how we feel about the current COVID19 situation, our emotions and way of life have been impacted. So let's take advantage. 

This proverb offers a small sense of security by way of the natural cycle of life. 

Over the last few generations, we as a collective, have stepped away from the ways of our ancestors. For tens of thousands of years, the elders taught the children how to fish, garden, weave, harvest, and produce common household tools.

In today's climate, however, our children and elders have been separated. The lineage of skills has disconnected abruptly (for many, not all of course). 

One way to gain a sense of security right now is to focus on learning "old school" skills. With access to both the internet and telephones, now is the time to gather information. We can call to check up on the elders while asking them how certain things were done in the "old days".

We can search the internet and learn life skills that can assist us in sustaining and enhancing our lives long-term. Make no mistake, however, this isn't "doom's day" prepping. Rather, it's an urge to take advantage of our downtime.

As a collective, let's re-learn how to grow, harvest, preserve, bake, cook, sculpt, sew, extract and produce once again. Let's learn; then commit to teaching others. Let's return to a time when communities and families worked together for the collective greatness. 

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