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Shopping With Small Businesses Fuels an Entire Ecosystem

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Small businesses tend to purchase from other small businesses. They want to see each other succeed. They know what it takes to thrive in today's post Walmart/Amazon society.

The soap-maker sends her child to the local music teacher, who buys his coffee down at the neighborhood cafe who stocks soap made by the soap maker in town. It's a continuous, beautiful cycle. 

By shopping small, you join in circulating the dollar locally and help to maintain an integrated network of small businesses and families that support one another. You infuse opportunities into an entire business ecosystem that encourages growth and expansion. This is what makes a community strong.

Vintrendi Winery

What is a Business Ecosystem?

An ecosystem is "A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment." (source) Need we say more? People and businesses work together fueling and supporting each other. Communities are built and thrive on their network of goods and services provided by locals. 

Can you imagine a world where you could not find one downtown boutique, mom & pop diner, local health food store or bar of artisan-crafted soap

Imagine a world where you couldn't find an unique, time-honored version of the mass-produced comforts and goods available now. Without your active support, especially in today's market, your favorite artisan goods might be gone when you look for them next. 

How to Actively Support Small Businesses

The #1 way to support a small business is to purchase from them. Let's be frank, a business needs money in order to cover the costs of running a business and provide the owner with a means to feed his/her family.

The #2 way to support a family business is word of mouth! When you fall in love with an artisan product or get top-notch service from a local, tell the world about it!

  • Post a picture of you and the product on social media *see How to Earn Nefertem Cash below*
  • Write a Google review for the company
  • Write a Facebook review
  • Like and Follow them on social media
  • Share and engage with their social media posts
  • Tell your friends, neighbors and family when you see them 
  • Buy products and give them away as gifts during the holidays

Shopping and engaging with small businesses not only helps them stay strong, but it's likely to empower you as well. It feels good to know who your dollar supports. It feels even better knowing that you are a part of the development of your own community! 

Now get out there and support small businesses this holiday season and beyond!

*How to Earn Nefertem CASH! 

Just post a photo of your face next to our products and tag us @NefertemNaturals to receive a coupon for $10 off your next purchase!

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