October 28, 2019

meditation for new moon after using holistic skincare by nefertem

The phases of the moon are intimately connected to the cycles of women; not only her menstrual cycle but also her intuition and ability to manifest what she wants in life.

As the new moon approaches, it is fitting for a woman to begin to reflect, or tune into, her interior, quiet thoughts. During this time, taking steps to recharge her spirits and cleanse her mind is a way to work in conjunction with the natural energy of the moon.

Set a Goal and Rest Into The New Moon Energy

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Ideally, a goal would be set, a desire would be stated or a thing she might wish to let go of would be declared. There are times when we simply don't know what direction to go in. If that's the case, it is useful to have oracle or tarot cards handy.

Whether you believe in the messages of the cards or not, pulling a card can help kickstart the thought process of what could or could not be of value to focus on during this next moon cycle. Ultimately, our intentions are the most powerful things for growth and healing, but tools, like the cards or holistic skincare, can be supportive on our journey.

So, once a goal has been set, as the moon progresses over the month cycle into a full moon, the woman is urged into action. As it fades away, the woman is urged into letting go. As the moon returns to darkness (the new moon), the cycle is complete and the woman is renewed by the power of her own doing. It's a beautiful thing! 

Begin New Moon Manifestation Practice

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On the day or night of the new moon, grab your favorite oracle cards, a pen and a journal dedicated for this purpose. You may wish to set the mood of your space with soft, instrumental music, candles, crystals, pictures, symbols and anything else that makes you feel connected to God.

Cleanse with Sage or Sage Spray

Be sure to smudge the room with a window cracked to energetically clean the space. If sage smoke bothers you or if you simply prefer, spray the room with a sage essential oil spray instead.

Grab a seat and begin to empty your thoughts. Slow your breathing, relax your muscles and begin to visualize lightness. Bring joy into your heart. Spray your aura with sage spray, then call to the spirits/God, asking to infuse the cards with the messages you need to hear now.  Repeat this as you shuffle the cards.  

Visualize your energy connecting with the cards. Breathe life into this space of intuitive knowing. When you feel ready, cut the deck and set it down in front of you face down.

Pull Cards

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From the top of the deck, pull one card and place it closest to you face down. This position represents what the spirits need you to know right now.

The next card pulled gets placed to your left, again face down. This represents what you need to let go of.

The last card pulled is placed to your right face down. This represents what you can expect when you work on the teachings of the first two cards.

Set the rest of the cards off to the side and grab your journal and pen. 

Card #1 - Now Card

Flip the first card closest to you, the “now” card. Be open to the message. The words on this card are meant to guide you to work on a certain thing in your life. As this is a new moon practice, this message is meant to be pondered and pursued as a month-long discovery of self. Staying focused on this one area of your psyche, especially in connection with the energetic pull of the moon, can lead to massive growth.

Sit with the card a moment. Maybe you read through the explanation of the card or check in with your own intuition to see what the card means to you. Write down what you discover in your journal under the heading “Now”.

Card #2 - Let Go Card

Next, flip over the card to your left – what you need to let go of. This card can represent the obstacle standing in your way of being able to achieve the “now” message. It may be that the “now” card and the “let go” card appear related or unrelated. Trust that the spirit and your intuition will guide you to a full understanding as the moon progresses.

When you’re ready, write down what you discover in your journal under “Let Go”.

Card #3 - What To Expect Card

Finally, flip over the card to your right – what you can expect as you work on these things. This card represents the next phase in your life. Life is a constant state of learning and growing. This card could point out an area of your life that still needs tending to. It may suggest an end to something or a beginning of another. It may indicate that everything will be alright. It may encourage relaxation and more quiet time. Whatever the message, write your interpretation of it in your journal under “What To Expect”.

Interpret, Reflect & Evolve

Examine all three card meanings now and determine a goal/value/affirmation that you wish to achieve in the coming month. Make it growth-oriented and powerful. Believe in yourself right then like no one else ever could! Build up that energetic reserve into the power of this goal/value/affirmation as this is the phrase that will hold this intention with you symbolically during the coming month cycle.

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Never forget that the real power of this practice is the ability YOU have to understand yourself and the world around you on a deeper level. This is your God-given intuition and can be used for the betterment of you, your family and your community. The more we, as woman, develop practices to grow and heal, the better the entire world becomes.

We love you. Be blessed.

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