Integrate Self-Care into Your Skincare Routine

by Trinity Hogan October 24, 2022 6 min read

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Selfcare is something we all need to practice on a regular basis, but as adults it seems like we have less time for ourselves. 

When you’re trying to juggle work, school, and other responsibilities, it can feel nearly impossible to carve out time for self-care, let alone create a self-care ritual.‍ This is where having a self-care SKINCARE routine can help.

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Self-care is a sequence of habits, rituals, and practices that allow you to take care of yourself. 

Self-care isn’t just a one-time thing, it’s an ongoing journey of looking after yourself in small ways to encourage balance and harmony in all areas of life. 

It’s a lifestyle and can completely change your life if only you are consistent with it! Again, this is where incorporating self-care into your already established skincare routine helps so much.

You’re already engaging in a skincare routine. And actually, let’s expound on that word. “Skincare” regularly gets associated with the fluffy stuff –

        ✨puffy eye masks

        ✨nightly serum

        ✨special eye cream

        ✨acid something-or-another peel

        ✨and so forth. 

two women wearing facemask

But if we take a broader look at it, it can be considered our overall hygiene routine – 



        🪄brushing our hair

        🪄caring for our teeth,

        🪄and even getting ready for bed. 

I mean, think about it…if skincare is something you do every day, WHY NOT integrate self-care into your routine? 

Read on to find out how you can integrate self-care into your skincare routine as well as some other ideas for incorporating self-care into your life. 

By integrating self-care into your skincare routine, you can free up your mind, body, and spirit to enjoy the little things in life once again.

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Morning Self-Care Rituals🌄

When you start your day with a self-care, skincare ritual, you set the tone for a positive experience that extends far beyond the bathroom, and into all aspects of your day. 

A morning ritual could be something like this: ☀️

  1. Gentle stretching upon awaking.

  2. Taking a few deep breaths prior to stepping into the shower to focus your intention.

  3. Lathering with a quality, aromatherapy soap while consciously connecting with every inch of your body.

  4. Visualizing the water washing away your worries.

  5. Drying off, then lovingly massaging an aromatherapy moisturizer into your skin while focusing your attention on being present in the moment.

  6. Finally, getting dressed, then spritzing your entire body with a crystal-infused aromatherapy spray while taking slow, deep inhalations. 

TIP - Grab an Intention Kit by Nefertem with all those delightful, aromatherapy products in one skincare kit (plus 4 free energetic bonus gifts like a crystal, affirmations, and more!!)

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Can you IMAGINE what this kind of skincare ritual could do for the rest of your day! Bad vibes will literally bounce right off you!

Another self-care ritual to incorporate into your morning routine, even though it’s not skincare, is journaling. Journaling is brilliant for helping you process the thoughts and emotions that come up in your daily life and can help you gain perspective on life. 

Taking just 5 minutes to journal before starting your day can help you determine which intentions to set during the above-mentioned morning, selfcare, skincare ritual.

Evening Self-Care Rituals🌇

An evening self-care ritual is another great way to incorporate self-care into your skincare routine. If you have a busy day, you can use the end of the day to relax and unwind, making it easier to fall asleep. 

women relaxing in bed

A few ideas for an evening skincare ritual are:🌆

  1. Take a long Epsom salt bath, soaking up the rich minerals and relaxation offered. 

  2. Dry off, then lovingly massage your aromatherapy lotion into your skin, focusing on emptying your thoughts of the day.

  3. Spray your linens with an aromatherapy spray, while speaking your evening intention into existence (ex. I will fall into deep, rejuvenating sleep easily tonight and wake up well rested.)

  4. Read a few pages from your favorite self-help book while lying in bed.

  5. Take 5 deeply profound breaths with your eyes closed while visualizing yourself detoxing your spirit from all that doesn’t serve you.

Again, although each of the ideas above aren’t skincare routines per se, they can become self-care practices that compliment your skincare routine just as easy. 

I mean, if you’re already taking a bath to care for your skin, why not also set intentions for what the bath can do for you energetically. 

Other self-care rituals to incorporate into your evening routine, even though they aren’t skincare, are meditation, gratitude journal, gentle yoga or stretching, singing bowls, pulling an oracle card, or laying a crystal grid. 

women doing yoga looking at sunset

All these ideas can help you connect your mind, body and spirit with very little effort.

Weekly Self-Care Rituals📝

Choosing something to do with a ritualistic element, can not only be excellent for your skin, but can help you connect to yourself weekly with just a bit more effort. 

While these things are likely already in your repertoire of weekly or monthly habits, being conscious about doing them weekly as a part of your ongoing self-care routine, can have a profound positive impact. 

Ideas for weekly skincare rituals are:🧼

  1. Take an herbal, salts bath with oats.

  2. Exfoliate your skin with a homemade sugar scrub

homemade sugar scrub

  1. Shave your legs, pits, face or nether-regions (where applicable…if you so choose to).

  2. Apply a mud face mask.

  3. Give yourself a pedicure and manicure.

  4. Go to a spa and treat yourself – facials, mud baths, massage, etc…

Other Self Care Ideas that Aren’t Skin Care Rituals💁‍♀️

Here are just a few self-care ideas to toss into the mix that have nothing to do with your skin, but everything to do with caring for yourself. 

This is a never-ending list and can be modified to fit any lifestyle and interest, so grab a piece of paper and write down some of your own. 

person journaling in park

Other Self-care Ideas:⬇️

        ✨Read a book: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatever you fancy!

        ✨Go out to eat at a restaurant by yourself. (It’s good to be alone sometimes).

        ✨Go out to eat with friends. (It’s equally good to socialize.)

        ✨Take time to appreciate your surroundings. Look at the color of the sky, smell the fresh air, and listen to the sound of cars around you.

        ✨Meditate or do some yoga.

        ✨Paint a room in your house.

        ✨Dig in the garden.

        ✨Finish a project.

        ✨Knit, color, or make jewelry.

        ✨Dance to the tune of your own beat (or find a good song to dance to).

        ✨Have a glass of wine with your feet up on your back porch. 

There are so many ways to incorporate self-care into your day. Just think of things that soothe your soul and do them as often as you can. 

Don’t wait until you have free time. Carve out free time to do them as a priority. 

women in bath blowing bubbles

And…infuse them into your daily hygiene routine to help them become habit!

Allow Nefertem Skincare to Support You 

Did we mention that we have a holistic skincare company that literally promotes using your skincare routine as a self-care ritual daily? Yup! 

We know first-hand the importance of creating sustainable, achievable daily practices, keeping them simple so they’re easy commit to doing. 

We found that our bathing routine was the perfect way to infuse self-care into our day by simply switching our skincare and being intentional with every step.

nefertem products

Then, taking a shower became more than a mundane act of getting clean. It became a way to get grounded and set the mental, energetic, and spiritual tone of the rest of our day. 

This little switch made a vast improvement in our lives, and we are confident it can do the same for you! 

A great way to get started, is with our Intention Kits. 

These amazing kits have everything you need to begin bathing with intention: a crystal and affirmations to support intention setting, aromatherapy soap, lotion and spray for your skincare essentials, and a few other goodies to support your intentional lifestyle. 

Each kit comes with instructions on what to do and a blessing from our family to you. 

Check out our Intention Kits now.

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