How to Take a Moon Bath

January 05, 2022

woman taking a full moon bath

The moon is a huge force in our lives and in nature: we can see its pull when looking at the tides in the ocean, or when birds migrate.

As humans, we too are affected by this great energy; not only does it affect women's fertility and menstruation but also traffic accidents and crime rates.

With our bodies being made up of 70% water, how could the moon not effect us like the ocean?

Working with the Moon

Some people believe that working with or "going with the flow" of the lunar cycle allows us to tap into a collective spirit and maximize potential for soul growth.

moon cycles shown in night sky

We may recognize signs from nature more often, gain clarity of mind more easily, or manifest things quicker- all because we're attuned to how our bodies are affected by this celestial force.

Taking a moon bath is just one way to work with this energy for good.

What is a Moon Bath?

A moon bath is a bathing ritual that incorporates moonlight or moon-infused water to soak up the heightened, available moon energy around the time of the full moon.

Nefertem conscious bathing

In ancient times, this bathing would likely have occurred nude, in a river or lake under the actual glow of the moon. This presents a challenge for many nowadays. 

Instead, we can infuse water with the moon's energy and add it to our bath water. Bathing in this manner also allows you to surround yourself with soothing music, herbs, aromas, crystals and candles to enhance the the privacy of your own home. 

soothing moon bath with candles soap and salt

How to Take a Moon Bath

The first step is to make moon water.

To make moon water, grab a large bowl or basin of water and set it outside under the glow of the moon for a few hours at least, but ideally overnight. If setting the bowl outside is impractical for you, set it on a window sill inside, facing the moon.

This allows the moon's energy to take its effect on the water (...again...think ocean tides...) Once you feel it's ready (or simply, the next day) carry your bowl inside and pour into your freshly run, hot bathwater. 

From here, feel free to add essential oils, herbs, oats, salts, water-safe crystals or bubbles to your bath to amplify the experience. 

variety of herbs, salts, flowers and oils to use in moon bath water

The second step is to set the mood. 

Set out items in your bathroom that make you feel like the energy has been raised in the room. Grab crystals that make you smile, candles that soften your gaze, soft music that feeds your soul. Spray a Sage Cleansing Spray in the room to clear stale energy out. 

It's important to create a relaxing environment to improve your ability to drift off to a meditative state. This is a time of great connection to the Universal spirit, so the more peaceful, the better.

The third step is to set an intention.

As you step into your moon bath, say what it is you are looking to gain or lose. This is referred to as intention setting (learn the basics of intention setting here).

Are you looking to release a past trauma, reconnect with joy, gain the courage to ask for a raise, or cut ties with old habits? Declare what you want to the Universe to allow it to attract to you.

full moon in the night sky

Finally, allow the bath to rejuvenate you. 

As you soak in your moon bath, enjoy the flickering candlelight around the room. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and enjoy the soft music in the background.

Lather every inch of your body in gratitude using an aromatherapy soap. As you rinse, envision your worries and stressors washing away.

Consciously submerge yourself in the act of bathing in the moon water. This can be a powerful meditative experience as you guide your conscious thoughts and clear your mind of negativity.

woman relaxing in moon bath

As you do, picture the moon washing love, joy and laughter over your skin and into your aura.

Repeat as often as needed to replenish your spirits, rejuvenate your body and support your soul growth.

In between moon baths, try conscious bathing to keep your spirits high and energy pure. 

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