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  • Intention Setting Basics - How, Why and When to Do It

    December 07, 2021

    woman writing down intentions for intention setting

    Do you feel like you’re not achieving your full potential and want to make a change?

    Do you have a deep sense that something is missing, but you’re not sure how to fill that void?

    If you’re feeling like you’re living a mediocre life and want more, continue reading. We’ve got just the tool to help and it’s 100% free!

    woman looking unfulfilled with life seeking intention setting information

    Many people go through life passively and content with less than the best – they don't define what they want; they envy other's lifestyles but don’t put in the effort to get it for themselves; they are complacent in their current quality of living and are perfectly fine with it.

    But many others want more out of life (we suspect you're one of them) -- setting and reaching goals, living life in the present, gratifying relationships, activities that bring them joy, and creating a meaningful life.

    So how can these people change their lives and embrace a more conscious style of living?

    The Solution: Intention Setting.

    What is an intention?

    An Intention is a statement of desire. Intentions provide the day-to-day plan to achieve your goals by aligning your mental and emotional state with what you want out of life. Intentions remind you to stay focused on your goals, priorities and relationships while supporting living with purpose.

    Intentions can powerfully change your life for the better - we know, because they did for us!

    young couple living happy life after learning about intention setting

    What is Intention Setting?

    It’s simple. It’s the act of setting an intention (as defined above). Some people set intentions daily, weekly, yearly (think New Year’s Resolution) or set a lifetime intention (think - leaving a legacy).

    Intentions can sometimes sound just like goals, but there are some key differences. Goals are the result of what you wish to achieve. Intentions are how you live your life every day in order to reach your goals.


    Goal: I want to lose 25 pounds by next March.

    Intention: (said to yourself daily) “Today, I choose to nourish my body with healthy foods and lots of movement.”

    Intentions get you to your goals by aligning your mind, body and spirit with what you wish to attract.

    *Tip - Using affirmations, visualizations AND intentions can help even more.

    How Do I Set an Intention?

    First, define what you want out of life (goals) and write them down.

    person writing down goals and intentions

    Ask Yourself the Following:

    • What brings you joy currently?
    • What, if worked on daily, would make you feel like your authentic self?
    • What would make your relationships stronger and more fulfilling?
    • What career path would make you feel most empowered, appreciated, and satisfied?
    • How do you see yourself, most ideally, in 5 years, 10 years, at age 75?

    There’s no judgment here. This is YOU being honest with YOU. If you want a career in theater, but you’re currently a waitress, set the goal anyway!

    YOU create the life you want by defining what it is YOU want.

    Then, prepare a few statements that remind you to live each day with these goals/ways of life in mind.

    Using waitress turned actress example above: “I am open to the path that leads me to the stage. I am truly grateful for the abundance of opportunities arising to advance my acting career.”(said everyday before going to waitress job)

    Who cares if there isn't currently an abundance of opportunities flooding in! The point is you’ve adjusted your mental, emotional, and spiritual state of being to be OPEN to these things happening...and likely, you've also begun physically doing things in preparation for those opportunities.

    happy man actively achieving his goals using intention setting

    Why Would I Set an Intention?

    Frankly, it’s easy to forget to put yourself and your happiness first. Intention setting is an important reminder that we all have a relatively short amount of time in this world – why not try to be as purposeful and satisfied as we can?

    Another reason to set intentions is to stay focused on what matters most. Sure, there are times when indulging in Netflix in our jammies all day is necessary for our mental health. But when we set intentions, we dedicate more time shaping our ideal lifestyle or thinking of ways in which we can.

    We switch from a passive, mediocre way of living to an active, assertive one which boosts our confidence and empowers us to achieve our full potential.

    happy family living purposeful life after using intention setting basics

    When to Set Intentions?

    Ideally, you’d take the “prep” work above (goal setting, jotting down some intentions) and practice them every morning before starting your day.

    Another option is to state your intentions at night to align your body, mind and spirit while you sleep.

    Intentions can also be stated prior to entering situations where you may need a boost of confidence to keep you reminded of your goals.

    Using the weight loss example from above, you could restate your intention prior to walking into a restaurant to ensure you make healthy choices.

    WHEN you set intentions is entirely up to you. The fact that you DO set intentions is where your true power lies.

    Need a Reminder? Looking for Support?

    woman looking at intentional living ebook by nefertem on phone happy

    By now it should be clear how intention setting can improve your life, but only if you stick with it.

    If you’d like additional guidance, there are like-minded communities, experts, and resources you can use – such as our FREE eBook - 111 Ways to Live with Intention as reminders to stay focused and set intentions.

    Using this eBook as a fun starting point, you can learn how to reflect, set intentions, and evolve into the best version of yourself as you continue down your intention setting journey.

    THANK YOU for allowing us to be a part of it.

    A Conscious Skincare Company - Nefertem

    Nefertem is an independent, family-owned and operated, intention skincare company birthed out of the desire to support the mental, emotional and spiritual journey of others.

    Guided by our intuition (and the ancestors) we developed an intimate collection of products to nourish self discovery and honor soul growth. Learn more about us.

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