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  • What is Conscious Bathing and Why Does it Matter?

    November 08, 2021

    woman conscious showering outdoors in natural setting

    For most people, bathing is a simple matter – run the water, clean your body, shampoo, then it’s back out to catch some Netflix or get dressed for work.

    But as it turns out – many people are missing out on a process that could lead to the big changes they wish to see in their lifestyle. And, its so simple!

    What do you know about meditation?

    Your mind likely just drifted towards men and women folded like pretzels, eyes closed in total Zen despite their posture, breathing in deeply with their hands overturned on their knees.

    man meditating outdoors on grass

    In fact, a lot of people have this (completely understandable) impression that meditation, despite being a process designed around relaxation, mindfulness, and freedom – has an ironic set of “rules” you have to follow:

    • You must be sitting.

    • You must keep your mind completely clear.

    • You must do for 60+ minutes or you’re a fraud.

    But no – meditation is completely flexible. Your mind can drift, you can take whatever pose you feel comfortable in, and you can do it anywhere: on the floor, while standing… or in the shower or bath.

    Enter Conscious Bathing

    woman conscious bathing in the bath tub

    Conscious Bathing is what you get when you mix a common process (bathing) with a slightly more intimidating process (meditation). To be more precise, Conscious Bathing is the act of using conscious techniques while you’re in the shower or bath, allowing yourself to sink into a meditative state as you let go of your anxieties, purify yourself using the power of water, and get clean to boot.

    What Are the Benefits of Conscious Bathing?

    Like meditation, conscious bathing is all about giving yourself the time to recuperate after a long day or prepare your mind using the power of conscious intent before your day begins. 

    Our lives are increasingly busy as we grow more and more accustomed to the “now” of the world – from 24/7 streaming, to next day delivery, to speed dating – everything is so readily available at our fingertips that we can start to feel like we’re wasting time if we’re not doing something right now. Ahh!

    Conscious Bathing is a reminder to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n. To value your own physical and mental wellness, and to never be afraid to put aside something if it would come at the expense of your overall wellbeing.

    Conscious bathing is a way to command the outcome of your day, every day, by pausing to reflect on what's important, connecting with your spiritual self, and reminding yourself that you are worth it.

    And once you’re willing to put yourself first, you start to see benefits such as reduced stress, increased self-awareness, and a greater clarity in your thinking.

    How Do You Engage in Conscious Bathing?

    two children conscious bathing in the river

    Remember when we talked about meditation, and how there’s certain preconceptions that are far from the truth? Conscious Bathing is similar – there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do it, and in fact, simply approaching it with whatever idea you have in your head would likely work.

    That said, we do have some tips:

    • Prioritize your bathing routine. Lock the bathroom door, silence your phone, and take a moment to quiet your mind before getting started.

    • Think about the one thing, that if you focused on today, would help you achieve the life you wish to live and state it aloud. For example, "Today, I will be patient with my children." or "I release all shame and embrace my beautiful body."

    • Once you’ve settled in to your intention, step into the shower or bath and try to focus on your breathing – deep breaths in, deep breaths out.

    • Do your best to eliminate all other distracting thoughts and focus on the sound and feel of your breath and the water surrounding you.

    • If a thought comes to your mind – don’t worry about it! Let it gradually drip away, as quickly and easily as the drops of water on your skin.

    • Some bathing products are designed to help cultivate a conscious mindset during bathing rituals, such as our Intention Kits. Now is certainly the time to make use of them!

    • Carry on with your shower or bath as usual, washing from head to toe, but focus on actively connecting with every inch of your body as you do. Purposefully rinse away the lather as you feel every part of your body get renewed. 

    woman showering with nefertem intention kits

    From here – how long you engage in the conscious bathing is entirely up to you. It can be as quick as a 5-minute session, or as long as 20 minutes. While meditation outside of the shower or bath can be engaged in for much longer if desired, we recommend keeping it under 15. Much longer than that and you’ll wrinkle up like a prune!

    Plus, you don’t want your new sacred practice to become burdensome to the environment! Keep it short, sweet, and purposeful. Focus your attention, release all thoughts, and allow the water to center you.

    Try Conscious Bathing Today

    Engaging in conscious bathing rewards you even more than the many mental benefits it grants you – it teaches you how to seize the single most private, personal moment of your day - your shower or bath. In today’s constant go-go-go world, that’s worth its weight in gold.

    Ready to try conscious bathing? Order your Intention Kit today to get started!

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