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    August 17, 2018

    green natural lifestyle living room set up

    With the vast exposure to chemicals in our food, water, air, skincare and household items, it's a wonder how our bodies are able to survive.

    Fortunately, there are natural products and simple habits we can use to create a more healthy lifestyle right now to give our bodies a break. While we may not be able to eliminate all toxins, the following tips offer strategies for getting started. 

    Create Goals and Set Values

    writing on journal about holistic goals

    Choosing to live life more naturally takes commitment, perseverance and strength. At every turn we are forced to make the choice: cheap and easy or quality at a price. Having clearly defined values helps make those decisions easier. 

    But even with an amazing set of values, to make changes in our lives, we must also set clear goals. Goals allow us to stay focused and help us create habits in our day-to-day lives that lead us to achieve our goals. 

    Start Reading Labels

    woman reading labels on holistic skin care

    Preparing for the switch to all natural also involves becoming aware of what ingredients are in the products we eat, apply to our skin and use in our homes.

    We must learn to read labels to know which products to avoid and which products to incorporate. By simply turning the bottle around and reading the label, you are taking charge of your buying decisions.

    Unfortunately, many corporations are deceptively creating natural-looking labels featuring images of nature on the front, while continuing to use and list the same poisons on the back, in order to secure the purchase of those who want natural, but aren't yet in the habit of reading labels. 

    To counter this, actively seek out scientific journals for safety information about each ingredient.  

    As a rule of thumb, you're probably better off choosing organic, all natural or local, but be sure to read labels on those products too. Just because it's organic doesn't mean it came from nature.

    Make Small Yet Gradual Adjustments

    woman cooking with fresh veggies

    We have identified one key factor for making the change to an all natural lifestyle a permanent one. That is to incorporate natural products and habits gradually to your already established daily routine.

    Making small adjustments over time is far easier to sustain and embrace long-term than a massive change all at once.

    1. Creating a list of all the household products you use like laundry detergent, dish soap, bar soap, lotion, foods and household cleaners.
    2. Then, choose one or two items you are prepared to switch right now.
    3. Next, do some reading on the chemicals in your current choice, and their natural alternatives.  
    4. Then, purchase those one or two natural items and discard your old ones (or use them up). Use them for a few weeks so they become a part of your routine.
    5. Finally, pick two more items from that list and repeat the process.

    Learn to Live Without

    bathroom cabinet full of skin care products

    In the meantime, really look at your list and identify which items you can easily live without.

    Yes, I said it, live without!

    I was shocked to realize that I did not need that bright blue window cleaner OR vinegar to clean my windows. Just a simple water-dampened rag to wash and a paper towel to dry cleaned my windows like never before! 

    Try living without bleach. Try living without dryer sheets. Try living without shampoo, conditioner, body wash AND shaving gel! Toss out all those unnecessary bottles!

    Many natural products perform double duty so you can live with less products. For example, our handcrafted, natural soaps  double as shampoo, face and body soap, and shaving cream! One bar, a handful of uses. 

    Stock up Before Your Run Out

    woman holding brown bag with herbal skin care products

    By stocking up on natural supplies before you need them, you are more likely to begin to use the readily available natural alternative than running to the store last minute to get your usual chemical brand.

    As you try new natural brands, remember, all natural products do not perform the same. One brand may be more to your liking than another. Keep trying and don't give up.

    This proactive approach to stocking up before running out should help make the adjustment easier by preparing for the future.

    Now Go Get Natural!

    nefertem holistic skin care near bathtub

    Small adjustments like the ones above will help fine tune your natural approach to shopping and living. One step at a time, you can break the cycle of exposure to toxins and learn to live a more natural lifestyle.

    Nefertem offers100% natural,  holistic skincare products to feed your skin AND your soul! Experience natural soaps that cleanse your aura, moisturizers that inspire confidence and aroma sprays that encourage a smile. Isn't it time you elevate your routine? Shop Nefertem now. 

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