How to Ground Your Energy and Why You Should

December 01, 2022

women meditating in field

To ground your energy is to connect with your spirit self daily. It’s an opportunity to settle your thoughts, energy, and physical body while connecting to earth energy and the energy of the cosmos.

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How to Ground Your Energy😌

Grounding can be accomplished in many ways. It can be done anywhere, at any time, so long as your intention matches your actions. 

Some examples of grounding practices are:

🪄Earthing – the act of walking barefoot on the earth outside grounds you through the reflexology points found on the bottom of your feet.

🪄Gardening – the act of touching the dirt with your hands while connecting to Mother Nature’s plant offerings connects you through your hands.

women holding a plant in her hands

🪄Meditation – sitting quietly while emptying your thoughts.

🪄Washing your hands – this simple act, when done with intention, can ground you to the element of water.

🪄Eating nourishing foods – grounds you through the offerings of the earth as they transform into your cells.

🪄Taking a walk through the forest – surrounding yourself in nature connects you to nature. 

🪄Aromatherapy – introducing your senses to aromas can connect you with your spirits and the spirits of plants – just make sure they are pure, natural aromas, not artificial fragrances (those can connect you to the factory where they are manufactured, not the earth essence in which essential oils are extracted from). 

🪄And so on…

You can ground your energy using any one of the grounding practices above, or you can give the simple grounding practice I use, outlined in the article below a try, or you can find your own way to connect that feels right to you. 

women journling on sofa

And while there are different schools of thought on grounding and how to accomplish it, the “why” typically remains the same. 

Why You Should Ground Your Energy🤔

Grounding your energy can give you a sense of calm that carries you throughout your day. Just like meditation, it is an opportunity to quiet an overactive mind, giving your thoughts a break from the worldly mental chatter that tends to consume us. 

It can give your body a break from the physical demands of the world and can assist in allowing your spirit to “travel the dimensions” unrestricted from the perceived limitations of our fleshy experience in life. 

Modern scientific studies (although few exist) point to the positive effects of grounding in strengthening our immune system, cardiovascular system, and lymphatic system. 

showing strong immune system

The idea is that because we are electrical beings, when we connect to the interwebbing of other electrical beings found on earth and in the cosmos, we are replenished and fortified in a way that nothing else can. 

Grounding charges our lifeforce energy giving us the power to fend off infection, repair damage caused by stress, and strengthen our internal electrical system (heart/veins/etc).

Grounding daily has been known to ease our mental burdens, leading to a healthier mental health status with less anxiety and improved digestion that can present due to constant emotional turmoil. 

Ask anyone who has begun and maintained a grounding practice for 30 days or more what the positive benefits are, and you’ll find yourself amazed at how far reaching the gains of this simple act can be.

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So now that you know what grounding is and why you should do it, here’s a very simple technique that can be done in as little as 2 minutes a day!

Simple Grounding Practice I Recommend Trying👀

I encourage you to try the following grounding method that I have been using for years to help me settle my energy, make me feel connected to spirit daily and help me deal with my demanding schedule.

To get started, sit in a quiet place (meditation-style), close your eyes, and settle into your seat. With every inhale and exhale, visualize in your mind's eye, being a conduit of energy from the earth to the cosmos and back.

women mediations with eyes closed

First, take a deep inhale to get started, then as you exhale, visualize your breath and energy coming down from the vast span of the cosmos above your head, down through the top of your head, through the center of your body, out your bottom and deep down into the earth. 

Then, the next inhale comes back up deep from the earth, through your bottom, through your body, out the top of your head and back up to the cosmos. And so on as you keep breathing. 

Visualize yourself creating a line of energy from the cosmos to the earth and back up to the cosmos through your body. If you can picture what the tree of life looks like from a side view, you can picture what this flow of energy looks like….

the tree of life

🌳 The top of the tree is vast, as though reaching in a thousand directions up into the sky. 

🌴 The trunk is a solid singular form that acts as a highway of nutrients and life force energy from the roots to the branches and back – this would be symbolic of your body, your flesh. 

🌲 The roots derive from the trunk and reach out below the surface, in a thousand directions, into the depths of the earth. 

Can you see it in your mind’s eye? 

You are the tree of life connecting the cosmos to earth and the earth to the cosmos. 

You are experiencing the benefits of being a conduit of energy between the two which will naturally ground your energy in the process. 

It’s truly a beautiful practice for grounding your energy. 

Even just a few breaths while visualizing this can really make a big impact over time in helping you feel connected. 


It can assist in creating a sense of calm in your life and may provide the creativity needed to solve life’s problems, give insight to areas in life where you may be stuck, and give you the internal power you need to move forward each day with purpose and renewed intention. 

Tools to Assist in Your Grounding Practice🪄

While I always say that your intention is the most powerful tool you could ever have in any practice, it is nice to have tools to assist you in your journey towards spiritual development. 

This is where Nefertem comes in. The ancient God Nefertem (of the Kemetic people found along the Nile Valley) was born inside the Blue Water Lily flower (aka lotus) with the rising sun one day. As the petals opened (rebirth) he gave the power of healing to the world. This can be translated to plant essences, herbal medicine, and inner spirit work. 

Blue Water Lily flower

Nefertem, as a brand, brings this power directly into your hands, through the simple yet dynamic method of daily hygiene. 

Our soaps create an aromatic space to ground your energy while in the shower. 

Our moisturizers infuse your skin and spirits with the strength of intention setting during a powerful self-love practice (moisturizing your skin). 

Our aroma sprays surround your aura with the power to manifest anything you wish with the most beautiful aromas derived from nature. 

If you’re looking for support on your journey learning to ground your energy and cultivate your connection to spirit, then look no further than Nefertem Skincare. 

Try Nefertem Intention Kits – combining the power of skincare with crystals, affirmations, and mindful living. 

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