How to Cleanse Yourself with Sage

March 04, 2021

woman cleanse herself with sage smoke


Do the cloudy, cold winter months weigh heavy on your spirit? Is your job or family stressing you out? Do you feel lethargic or crabby for no apparent reason? Have you recently experienced a highly emotional interaction? 

Most of us grapple with these, and many other, types of challenges or disappointments. As you probably know, there are lots of wonderful ways to relieve stress and provide self-care to your body and spirit.

While not fool-proof, sage cleansing is an excellent, natural way to help eliminate negative emotions and bad energies. Plus, it’s inexpensive and easy to do. Even those who may be sensitive to smoke inhalation can do it using a smoke-free alternative: pure sage spray

To experience the power of spiritual cleansing as a part of your daily bathing ritual - check out these Intentions Kits by Nefertem which includes everything you need to elevate your bathing routine into a powerful cleansing ritual. 


intention kits by Nefertem


The Bountiful Benefits of Sage

The Latin binomial for sage is Salvia officinalis. As a member of the mint family (Lamiaceae) it's leaves are pungent and highly aromatic, which could be one reason for it's historical, spiritual use.

The name sage comes from the Latin word, salvere, which means “to heal” and salus which means “well-being” or “salvation”.


sage plant leaves used for burning


The mental and physical benefits of sage have been documented for centuries and used by the most ancient civilizations across the globe including the Nubians, Kemites, Native Americans and people of India. 

It's not surprising why both modern and indigenous people have used and continue to use sage for its physical, emotional, and mental healing. It has been regarded as a precious, highly spiritual plant possessing the ability to positively impact your life in many ways. 

In fact, sage has been proven to contain antimicrobial properties and is able to improve air quality and immune function (source). Further research indicates sage helps improve sleep and memory, as well as being a natural relief for anxiety and depression.


What you’ll need for sage cleansing:

  • White sage or palo santo
  • Lighter or matches
  • Fire resistant container (e.g., shell, ashtray, dish)

You can use either loose sage or a sage bundle, whichever you prefer. Both styles of sage are plentiful, easy to locate, and affordable.


sage burning options sage palo santo


Or if you’d rather skip the burning part, consider buying a convenient sage spray instead. Keeping a sage spray handy in your purse, desk, car, or gym bag can also give you the ability to self-soothe and reset your mood even on the go.


How to perform a sage cleansing:

  1. Close your eyes, take a few deep, slow breaths and make a clear intention to remove all negative energy, low vibrations, and emotional blockages.
  2. Gather your sage in one hand, hold it at a 45-degree angle, and light the tip of the sage bundle, then place the sage into your fire-safe shell or ashtray.
  3. Cup your hands together and capture the sage smoke as if you’re catching water from a faucet.
  4. “Wash” yourself with the sage smoke as if you’re in the shower and continue to think about throwing away the negative emotions and energy weighing you down.
  5. Continue to move the cleansing sage smoke all around your head, torso, limbs, feet, and hands. Imagine a warm, comforting white light surrounding your body, your heart, and your mind.
  6. Keep cleansing until you begin to feel a positive shift in your mood. When done with strong intent, you are should start to feel lighter after just a few passes over your body.


Smoke-Free Alternative Method

If you do opt for a natural sage spray instead of burning sage, use the spray in the same manner as described above.

Set the intention, take deep breaths, then spritz all around your head, body, arms, and legs the same as you would apply a perfume. Repeat while envisioning white light surrounding your body until you feel a sense of lightness or release. 


Sage Cleansing Spray by Nefertem


Nefertem ® (the Original Holistic Skincare Company) offers a beautiful, 100% natural, sage spray that combines the spiritual power of frankincense, the purification properties of pine and the cleansing magic of sage essential oils in a convenient amber glass spray bottle.

Coupled with their proprietary full-moon purified water and 7 clear quartz crystals, this spray is a powerful alternative to burning sage that is portable and divinely aromatic.


Sage Cleanse with Safety in Mind

Of course, it’s important that you are careful to not inhale too much smoke. Also, be sure to keep the burning sage a safe distance from your body, including your hair and loose clothing. Be sure to watch for flying embers that can quickly become a fire hazard.

Once you are done cleansing, immediately and properly extinguish the sage. This may include adding a few drops of water into your shell or fire-safe bowl, then pressing the smoldering tip of the sage stick into the wetness. 

Keep in mind, you can make the cleansing process even simpler (and avoid dealing with fire and smoke) by simply using a refreshing sage spray


Sage for Peace of Mind and Purification

No matter which style of sage you use in your cleansing ritual, you can be sure that this powerful plant will purify your spirits and bring you peace of mind. Best when performed weekly, on a full or new moon, or as needed to release unwanted energies. 

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