September 14, 2019

woman holding sage stick instead of sage spray

As a quick fix, a person can spiritually cleanse themselves using a temporary technique like smudging, bathing, light-cleansing or prayer.

To achieve long-term benefits, however, one must consider LIVING a holistic lifestyle in combination with the different cleansing techniques below.

To smudge your spirits, then turn around and gossip about your neighbors is to work against yourself.  

Regardless of what form of cleansing you choose to do, it is essential to remember that intention is ultimately your most powerful cleansing tool.

Your mind and soul must believe in the act of cleansing as you perform the techniques to match the frequency of cleansing to experience their full power. 

Below, you'll find 6 easy cleansing methods that can be done as often as you'd like. Choose one or choose them all, but always be mindful...


Sage Smudging

burning sage stick for cleansing yourself


To smudge is to cleanse your energetic body or home of negative, stale energies using the power of herbal smoke - typically white sage, palo santo wood or frankincense resin.

While smudging, it is important to open a window to allow the impure energy to escape the space. It is equally important to ensure you clear your mind (as though you are in a meditative state) while focusing your thoughts on the act of cleansing.

To begin, obtain a bundle of sage and carefully light one end of the bundle until it begins to smoke.

Be sure to have a fire-safe bowl or abalone shell below the bundle to catch the embers and ash that may fall.

If using frankincense resin, light a charcoal and place a few pieces of resin on top of the charcoal, inside a fire-safe bowl, on top of a small mound of sand (to diffuse the heat).


pile of frankincense resin for frankincense and myrrh body lotion


State out-loud your desire to remove negative energy from your body, home or any object you wish the cleanse.

Repeat a statement (example below) as you walk through your home or as you encircle your body or the object with smoke. 

Example statement, "I release all that no longer serves me and free myself/this object/this home of negativity and impure energy. I am/this object/this home is cleansed by the smoke of this sage/frankincense."

Many enjoy wafting the smoke with a sacred feather around all four corners of a room.

To encircle your body with smoke, simply move the bundle around each limb, your torso and head, under your feet and through your legs in a circular fashion so as to cover the front, back and underside of your energetic body.


woman cleansing spirits with sage and feather


When you've covered all areas, carefully extinguish the sage bundle by pressing the smoking herbs against the fire-safe bowl to "snuff" it.

Then, place the bowl in a safe location until fully extinguished. To extinguish the frankincense, simply allow the charcoal to burn out naturally in a safe location.

If you have to immediately extinguish the charcoal, gently pour a tiny bit of water over the top of the charcoal. 


Smoke-free Sage Alternative

smoke free sage alternative to smudging


An alternative to burning sage is to use a sage smudge spray.

This eliminates the fear of hot embers falling and allows more flexibility to cleanse areas you otherwise may not be allowed, or desire, to produce smoke (work, cubical, car, small room, apartment, yoga class, etc...).

It also allows those with allergies or smoke sensitivities to cleanse safely and can be a great way to introduce children to the art of spirit cleansing.

It should be noted that a high vibrational, liquid smudging spray can make the difference between successfully cleansing your home and misting fragrance into the air. 

Our favorite (we're kind of partial) is Nefertem's Spirit Cleanse Aroma Spray that combines the powers of sage with frankincense and pine (both oils known for their spiritual cleansing and enhancing qualities). 


Cleansing Bath

holistic bathing nefertem


A cleansing bath uses the power of the element of water and Earth to purify your spirits.

As with any cleansing technique, again, it is essential to clear your mind and focus on the act of cleansing throughout the process.

Prep your Space

  1. Set the mood in the room with lit candles, crystals of your choice, fresh flowers, soft music or anything else that lifts your spirits.
  2. Spray your sage spray throughout the room to "reset" the energy.
  3. Pour about one cup of epsom salt into your bath and fill with hot water.
  4. Optionally, add a few drops of essential oils on the surface of the water after filling, such as lavender or frankincense. 

Once full, strip your body of clothes and intentionally dip your toes into the water, focusing on washing away negative energy from every inch of your body as you slowly enter the tub. 

After you completely submerge your body (aside from your head of course) repeat the following (or something similar):

"I am cleansed of all things that no longer serve me. I am now free from negativity and cleared of anger, fear, guilt, etc... (feel free to list the things you want to clear). As the water washes my skin so too does the water wash my spirits."

Relax your body and mind and enjoy the bath as usual, taking extra time and care while lathering your washcloth, soaping your body and rinsing your skin.

It is recommended to use a high quality, artisan soap made with the highest vibrations to ensure the energy you expose yourself to while cleansing is inline with the greater good.

Pat yourself dry, moisturize yourself with intention and get dressed with renewed purpose. 


Light Cleansing

holistic skin care by nefertem


This method uses the power of visualization and the elements of air (breath) to clear your spirits of negative energy.

Start by clearing the room using a smudge spray, setting the mood with candles, crystals and soft, instrumental music. Find a comfortable seat and begin taking deep, slow, cleansing breaths.

Visualize your body expanding and contracting with every breath, allowing new, fresh energy to enter with every inhale and old, stale energy to escape with every exhale. 

Quiet your mind of incoming thoughts and begin to see, in your mind's eye, bright white light. Imagine you can feel this light warming your body just as the sun's rays do.

Picture this white light moving from the top of your head, down every inch of your body, down to your toes and out of your body.

Hold the intention and feel free to make a statement out-loud that this white light purifies your spirits. Use power affirmation phrases that begin with "I am..." and "This will...". Example:

"I am cleansed by the power of white light." or "This light will cleanse my spirits of any energy that does not serve my highest needs."

Stay in this space for as long as you need in order to feel a sense of lightness.

Visualizing being cleansed by the white light can be done extremely slowly, carefully passing the light progressively through every body part while seeing that body part illuminate.

Or it can be done as repetitive, quick passes of white light as though the light is "flushing" away negativity with the rhythm of your breath. 



prayer with holistic skincare


The power of the mind in connection with spirit is always your most powerful tool.

While some believe you must use physical tools or perform specific rituals to cleanse your spirits, many others believe you can cleanse solely with the power of prayer.

Who you pray to, where you pray or how you pray does not effect the outcome of prayer cleansing, but what does is whether or not you believe in the power of prayer. 

To pray cleanse, simply close your eyes and call upon the spirit you feel most comfortable praying to. Feel free to pray sitting, standing, out in nature or in the privacy of your own home.

Welcome that spirit into your heart and request them to free you from all negative spirits and thoughts that could be preventing you from achieving the highest good.

Thank the spirit for the abundance of blessings that have been bestowed upon you and ask that you may be covered in protective energy from this moment forward. 


Cleansing As A Way Of Life

holistic lifestyle

As stated previously, the above acts of cleansing are temporary means to which you can clear your body, home, car, or objects of negative energy.

However, to extend the positive effects of cleansing, it is important to live a holistic lifestyle and surround yourself with people and objects that vibrate at a higher frequency.

Relax often, don't take yourself too seriously, care for live plants, begin a gratitude practice, get ample sleep, meditate, journal, use holistic skincare, volunteer, eat organic foods, drink purified water, etc...

Living a holistic lifestyle prevents a lot of negative energy from ever entering your space or body and can help to raise your own vibrations.

A natural law is that like attracts like.

When you vibe higher, you attract positivity, when you vibe lower, you attract negativity. To remain spiritually cleansed, vibe higher daily! 

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