February 24, 2020

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Reflect & Evolve

"To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short." - Confucius

Would you agree that our society breeds conflicting ideas and values? As women, we are directed to be juicy (in all the right places) and yet slender. Eat healthy, yet crave chocolate. Use our free time to exercise, yet find time to rest. Embrace the wisdom found in aging, yet maintain a life-long 20 year-old face. Welcome motherhood, yet hurry back to the workforce.

And we haven't even mentioned what is expected from our male counterparts - sensitivity without showing weakness, etc...

It's enough to make our heads spin - that is, if we aren't firmly rooted in finding our own balance and our own values.

This week's proverb offers us advice to assist in embracing the middle ground.

Finding time to rest is just as important as finding time to exercise. Your body, is as unique and beautiful as GOD intended it to be. Eating a wide variety of healthy and indulgent foods is perfectly normal. Finding the sweet spot between humility and aggression when asserting our needs is essential for our growth and development.

Do you get down on yourself for doing too little? Do you stress yourself out by doing too much? Are you keeping up with the "Joneses" to your detriment? Are you passing by opportunities out of fear; limiting your potential?

This week, let's resolve to finding our personal balance between going beyond and falling short. Let's redefine these societal norms for future generations and for our total health of mind/body/spirit! Let's find our own groove and own it!

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