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Does Holistic Mean Natural?

does holistic mean natural?

No. Holistic is a perspective; a way of looking at our connection to the natural world and ourselves in a unified manner. Natural, on the other hand is, “existing in or produced by nature: not artificial.” A holistic lifestyle typically aligns with natural products and natural living, but "natural" isn't always holistic. Let's explore...

Holistic is a lens to which one can see the world and live in alignment with an unseen, but very real, cohesive, energetic pulse. Holistic practitioners and followers of a holistic way of life, see the dynamic connection among the mind, body and spirit of an individual and community.

They believe, for example, that if someone has been diagnosed with lung cancer, a close examination of unresolved emotional stressors could assist in the overall diagnoses and treatment. The opinion may be that the source of the dis-ease isn't so much the physical lung tissue, but rather the stored trauma manifesting as poisoned cells. Work out the problem = improved lung tissue.

holistic skincare lifestyle

The term holistic comes from the Greek word holos, meaning altogether or whole. Literally translated, the word “holism” is “the idea that systems (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic) and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not just as a collection of parts.” (source

Even though society today is showing a strong interest in living holistically, holism is as ancient as the oldest civilizations on Earth. One for example, were the Kemetic people living along the Nile Valley in Africa. Many of their medicinal practices involved addressing spiritual and mental plagues to free the body from physical pain and distress.

Some believed that disease was primarily caused by an upset in the balance of a person’s spiritual, mental and physical harmony; therefore, work was required by both the person and a shaman-like medicine-man to “appease the spirits” so-to-speak to bring back health.

A holistic lifestyle typically incorporates activity, rest, knowledge-seeking, healthy foods, exposure to inspirational teachings, reflection on childhood, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, alternative medicine, traditional healing modalities, exploring new ways of thought, journaling, and many more.

holistic lifestyle

Many times, a holistic-centered individual will gravitate to all natural products and old-fashioned craftsmanship for the sheer energetic value of the items.

Natural, on the other hand, has many definitions; for the sake of this thread, we will define it as, “existing in or produced by nature: not artificial.” (source

While many companies adhere to this vague distinction between fake and real, many do not. Unfortunately the US Food and Drug Administration has not set regulatory guidelines defining ingredient restrictions for natural products like they do for the word “organic”. Therefore, the word “Natural” means very little in the consumer marketplace. A product that is made with artificial fragrance and shea butter, for example, could be labeled as “natural” without any repercussions.

This presents a challenge especially for small, family businesses who truly are all natural but who might not have the financial means to become “certified organic” to set themselves apart from the unscrupulous, so-called natural companies. Even though the family business might use 100% natural ingredients, labeling them natural doesn’t give the consumer much confidence.

The key to truly understanding what’s natural and what’s not, as educated consumers, is to read labels! This is the single best way to bypass any misleading natural label or any other coined term that isn't currently regulated.

So what does this mean for holistic skincare? Is it natural or is it holistic?

That depends on the company. As encouraged above, it is important to read labels to understand what the company uses in its products. Nefertem Holistic Skincare is both holistic AND natural.

holistic skincare

They choose to use only ingredients that were born from nature, handled carefully without using synthetic ingredients (like pesticides or color-adulterants), and minimally processed. They also, by way of living a holistic, growth-oriented lifestyle and by direct infusion of intention, impart a high-vibrational frequency into each of their products, offering them as tools for personal development.

With the combination of aromas, energetic vibrations and nourishing ingredients, they have captured what it means to be both natural AND holistic.

Their most recent release...The Relax & Uplift nothing short of divine.  shop now

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