October 23, 2019

leaves falling during harvest

Reflect & Evolve

"Judge each day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Without grocery stores providing our food year-round, this would be a great time of celebration for the harvesting of all the fruits of our collective work throughout the spring and summer. 

With the passing of the equinox, the Earth has begun to shift into a state of internal/cold/darkness. The sap has begun to draw into the trunk of the trees. The animals have begun to migrate to their winter homes. The insects have laid their larva and are preparing for the coming deep freeze. 

But what do us humans do to prepare for this energetic shift in life? 

While we have the luxury of a warm home, a fridge full of food, and vehicles to transport us comfortably to and fro, we are still strongly affected by this changing of seasons. This is a time for great reflection. It is a time to nourish our interior by reassessing our values, reevaluating our priorities and getting a deeper understanding about why we do what we do.

This week (and for the remainder of Autumn) let's revisit our values daily. We could potentially write our top 5 priorities on a piece of paper and place them next to our bed to read and reflect on every morning and night. 

Taking time to strengthen our values is like tending to our compost pile. The internal work we do today becomes the foundation for the harvest we reap as time goes on. 

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