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grass fed tallow in bowl to be used in tallow skin care


Tallow is a powerful moisturizer loaded with a wealth of nutrients, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

For those who are not familiar with tallow, we do want to warn that the possibility of being turned off by the use of this nutrient-rich ingredient is high. We completely understand this and in fact, we were a bit squeamish when we first learned of it too, but not anymore.

For everyone willing to give it a try, we encourage you to experience the benefits for yourself with this complete tallow skincare set. Enjoy our best selling 2 soaps, 2 moisturizers & 2 lip balms at a ridiculously low price. (order a tallow skincare starter kit).

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What is Tallow?

Simply put, tallow is a type of cleaned and purified fat. Fats, along with proteins, are essential building blocks for every cell membrane, including the skin. They provide energy, help absorb minerals, and carry a wealth of vitamins.

Tallow is the result of a delicate and tedious process of rendering animal suet. Suet is a nutrient-dense fat surrounding the organs of some ruminant animals, most notably their kidney.

grass fed tallow on spoon to be used in tallow skin care

Here at Nefertem Holistic Skincare, we source and hand-render our suet from the fat of humanely-raised, organically cared for grass-fed cows.

We chose grass-fed suet for our tallow products because it’s free from synthetic growth hormones, high in essential vitamins, and produces a high quality, nutrient-rich fat that you just don’t find from grain-fed, factory-farmed cattle.

5 Reasons to Use Tallow on Your Skin

#1 - Healthy Fats Lead to Healthy Skin

woman with bare shoulder nourished with tallow skin care

Tallow contains the same fats or lipids found in healthy, supple human skin. Lipids are found in abundance in the membrane of every cell in our bodies. They are responsible for the free flowing of liquids (aka moisture) in and out of our cells.

Lipids are beneficial because they create a protective, yet permeable barrier that prevents infection, maintains moisture, flexibility and structure of the cell.

Tallow is believed to prevent dryness at the cellular level without suffocating the skin's barrier as does petroleum-based lotions. 

#2 - Promotes Youthful-Looking Skin

young looking legs with natural moisturizer on

Beef tallow, rendered from grass-fed cattle, is loaded with vitamins A, D & K and antioxidants. One of which is vitamin E, known to promote rejuvenation of the skin by fighting free radicals that can cause wrinkles.

Vitamin E has also been shown to prevent the breakdown of collagen. "The intake of natural vitamin E products helps against collagen cross linking and lipid peroxidation, which are both linked to aging of the skin." (source)

Vitamin D has the ability to restore vibrancy in skin. In addition, Vitamin D "induces the expression of antimicrobial peptide genes in human skin and plays a significant role in preventing opportunistic infections." (source)

#3 - Harmonious Balance Between Tallow and Sebum

close up of skin moisturized with holistic skin care

Tallow and sebum (the oil in our skin) share many of the same lipids or fats in similar concentrations. Some believe that it is this similarity that allows tallow to absorb deep within the layers of the skin.

I (Brittany, the founder of Nefertem) argue that tallow is the single best ingredient to use as a moisturizer. It's 100% natural, shares many of the same fatty acids as our skin and absorbs very quickly. Personally, it has transformed my skin from blotchy and rough to silky smooth and radiant. 

#4 - Contains CLA - A powerful Element

cow on grass on farm for use in tallow skin care

Cattle allowed to graze naturally on grass in the sunshine (like ours do) develop large amounts of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA. This CLA is primarily stored within the fat cells that surround the cows organs, namely the kidneys. 

"Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a naturally occurring compound found in ruminants products, has been shown to possess anticancer properties in vivo and in vitro." (source

#5 - Intense Moisturizer

woman at beach with glowing skin from tallow skin care

Tallow has been employed for THOUSANDS of years for one reason...IT WORKS!

Tallow is an intense moisturizer that assists in retaining the skins natural moisture. It replenishes the building blocks of our skin that decrease with age.

It’s non-greasy, won’t clog your pores, is long-lasting and 100% natural. It prevents dryness all day and only needs to be applied once.

Bottom line, you should incorporate tallow into your skincare because IT WORKS!

Make the Switch to Tallow-Based Skincare Today

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Are you ready to transform your blotchy, rough skin to silk smooth and radiant skin? 

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