TRANSFORM Natural Moisturizer

Doubles as a Moisturizer & a Natural Remedy

Perfect for sensitive and damaged skin, this unique tallow moisturizer combines organic plant oils, unrefined shea, grass-fed tallow, and pure essential oils for soothing, effective hydration where you need it most.

Nourishing. Gentle. Effective. Natural.

Enjoy healthier radiance using a moisturizer packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids to encourage vital skin cell regeneration and boost collagen production.

Non-greasy, fast-absorbing, 100% natural, face and body lotion for dry, oily and combination skin. 

Restore the vibrancy of your skin naturally with grass-fed tallow (yup...who knew cow fat would be the best thing for your skin), and pure plant extracts, for non-toxic, glowing skin with visible results.

How to Use

For Daily Moisture: Scoop out a pea-sized amount with your finger, soften between your palms, and apply to whole body (even face) after your daily shower. Rich in fats and oils, only a small amount is needed, once daily, for day-long hydration.

As a Natural Remedy: Apply a small amount as often as needed directly on rough, irritated, cracked, red or rashy skin.

Store out of sunlight and use within 6 months.

Hot Shipping Warning - Our moisturizers are very heat sensitive (due to their unrefined ingredients). Order a cold shipping kit during hot weather to prevent melting.


As a Moisturizer:

Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats, this moisturizer can transform your skin from dull, dry, and flaky, to visibly hydrated in just one application.

  • Non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula for dry, oily & combination skin.
  • No alcohol, water or preservatives - 100% real.
  • Helps support collagen production and restore skin's elasticity naturally.
  • Rich in vitamins to feed and soothe your skin.
  • Very concentrated - one jar can last months with daily use.

As a Natural Remedy for Problematic Skin:

Infused with calendula flower, helichrysum, and chamomile - skin-soothing herbs known to help improve skin conditions.

  • Helps cycle "bad" skin off, revealing "good" skin below.
  • Helps reduce itchiness and subside redness.
  • Shown to significantly improve eczema conditions and rashes.
  • May help fuse cracked skin back together.
Scent Profile

A gentle, floral-citrus aroma with a soothing, fresh finish.

Great scent for women and men alike.

Lavender brings floral to the front with orange's citrus notes a close second, followed by an apple-like hint that begs a peaceful, deep breath to take it all in.

"The scent of Transform is addicting and relaxing. I could smell it all day long and never get tired of it." - James K.


100% Pure, Natural, Ingredients

Grass-fed tallow (why tallow?), unrefined shea butter*, calendula-steeped jojoba oil*, unrefined coconut oil*, local beeswax*, essential oil blend of lavender*, orange*, vetiver, German chamomile*, and helichrysum*, vitamin e oil*, and good vibes.

* indicates certified organic ingredient

No preservatives. No parabens. No artificial fragrances.

Why? Because purity is our highest priority!

3.4oz jar of goodness


Soothe life's rough patches and peacefully connect with the divine in the present moment with Transform Moisturizer.

Helpful for those who may feel overwhelmed by life's responsibilities or feel disconnected from spirit, their purpose or the community.

Supports the Crown Chakra - governs spirituality and unity, enlightenment, faith, awareness of the present, and surrender.

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