What is a Clean Skincare Brand?

November 23, 2022

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In the ever-expanding world of natural skincare, authenticity is an increasingly rare quality. 

As more and more brands launch products with labels claiming “natural”, it becomes harder to tell which ones are genuine. 

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Even established natural beauty brands can be dubious at times, which makes it imperative to do your research before investing in a new skincare brand. 

And while this may seem like work, it’s a small tradeoff for using truly pure ingredients on your skin. 

Explore our simple guide to clean skincare below and read to the end where we share the current best clean skincare brand on the market!

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What To Look for In a Clean Skincare Brand👀

The most important aspect of a clean skincare brand is its ingredients; the second is its values. 


Skincare can be formulated with a wide range of ingredients. Some of the most important ingredients to look for are organic, sustainable, and natural. 

✨Buyer beware: the term “natural” can used by unscrupulous companies that mask highly refined (almost artificial) ingredients under the guise of “natural”… but are they truly natural anymore???

While USDA organic is a great indicator of clean ingredients, it’s not the only indicator. 

Small, family-owned organic brands may only claim to be natural because they cannot afford the exorbitant certification fees required by the federal government to proclaim they are organic.

So, it’s important you thoroughly research all ingredients: organic or not. 

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As a rule, clean skincare brands will never include harmful synthetic ingredients, such as artificial fragrances and dyes, alcohol, synthetic colorants, surfactants, propylene glycol, or SLS, just to name a few. 


Ethical skincare brands are always committed to the wellbeing of their customers, as well as the environment. 

Ethical skincare brands conduct thorough research on their ingredients to ensure that they are safe for human use, as well as biodegradable, renewable, and do not cause more harm to the planet than good.

For example, while palm oil is a 100% natural ingredient, it’s also the leading cause of deforestation. 

A company who values biodiversity and sustainability would reject using palm oil in favor of a more local, less destructive ingredient.

The hue-man experience is also an essential value for ethical companies - honoring all cultures, races, genders, sizes, types, beliefs, etc… Because in the end, we all share the same collective consciousness.

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Lastly, a clean skincare company with honorable values would also create an employee environment that encourages growth, reflection, education, teamwork, spiritual cultivation, and family. 

Clean Alternatives to Store Bought😌

Let’s be honest, it’s rare to find a truly clean skincare brand in stores these days. Some specialty shops may carry what appears to be natural skincare, but upon further examination, even those products are commonly wrought with artificial fragrances oils and colorants. 

As an alternative, educated consumers can choose online brands that offer clean products which are safe for human use, free from synthetic ingredients and never made with petroleum-based ingredients. 

Nefertem’s clean skincare provides just this! Our products are an excellent alternative to store-bought, chemical-heavy, soaps, lotions and lip balms. 

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Why Choose Nefertem – A Clean Skincare Company🤔

Nefertem is a skincare brand that specializes in natural, organic skincare products with a dollop of good vibes. 

While we haven’t secured USDA organic certification, our products are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, including certified organic and fair-trade oils, herbs, essential oils, and butters. 

In addition, some of Nefertem’s skincare products (soaps, body butters, and lip balms) are also made with humanely-raised, grass-fed tallow that has been extracted and purified by hand. 

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Our ingredients are so clean and pure, you could literally eat them! 

A Few of Nefertem Clean Skincare Ingredients🧼

✨Local Beeswax

Beeswax is a natural ingredient, extracted from honeycombs, that’s been used to nourish and moisturize skin since ancient times. 

We source our beeswax from a local, family farm who hand harvests all their honey while supporting bee-saving initiatives.

✨Coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the flesh of the coconut fruit is a very common ingredient in many skincare products. It’s high in fatty acids and vitamin E, which make it a powerful moisturizer for the skin. 

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Our coconut oil is unrefined, expeller-pressed, USDA Certified Organic, Fair-Trade USA-certified, and virgin – quite literally the highest quality you can get!

✨Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils are extracted through the distillation or cold pressing of certain plants, trees, flowers, or roots. They have been used throughout history as natural perfumes, spiritual aides, and therapeutic tools. 

90% of our essential oils are organic, the other are just as pure, but not certified. All our essential oils are sourced from a company who pioneers herbal education and plant saving initiatives. 

✨Shea butter

Produced by hand across many parts of Africa, shea butter is derived from the seeds of the shea tree and is a rich source of antioxidants for the skin.

Nefertem’s shea butter is raw, grade A, virgin, USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and unrefined from Ghana – again the absolute best grade on the market. 

We clearly pride ourselves on the highest quality, truly clean ingredients.

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🗨️Nefertem Customer Reviews

Sometimes it’s hard to take the word of the brand you are investigating prior to purchasing from them. For this reason, we collect verified reviews from past customers and publish them on our website. 

Compared to huge corporations who may have 100,000 reviews for one product, our numbers are modest, yet our customer testimonials are clearly heartfelt and genuine. 

As of the date of this article posting (Sept 2022) Nefertem has received over 1130 positive reviews, with a star rating of 4.9 out of 5. 

Many of the reviews focus on Nefertem’s products, praising the texture, hydration level, quality ingredients and aromas. 

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Other reviews applauded the excellent customer service and personalized experience. 

So far, there aren’t any negative reviews (a couple 3 stars being the lowest) and none that indicate a lack of authenticity in the brand’s ingredients. 

Read all Nefertem reviews here.

🪄The Best Clean Skincare Brand

Nefertem is a clean skincare brand that’s committed to providing its customers with ethically-sourced, truly pure ingredients. 

We source all our ingredients as locally as possible, from reputable sources, and in the purest form available. 

We never choose price over quality because there’s enough of that nonsense in the market these days. 

Customers of Nefertem can rest assured that every single ingredient, packaging and even shipping material was carefully chosen to support our mission, values, and clean brand status. 

Are you ready to try Nefertem Skincare to see what all the fuss is about?

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