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Truth is Relative To Your Perception

Reflect & Evolve

"Truth is relative to your perception". – Anonymous

We're in the midst of a universal paradigm shift. Dogmatic tenets are being challenged more and more. Conventional truths are gradually becoming obsolete, forcing us all to reevaluate our thinking. For many of us, this can be an emotionally intense experience.

This week's reflection is a reminder, now more than ever, of the importance of open-mindedness.

Having an open mind expands our world. It allows us to be free of sorrow and disappointment. It gives us the space to let empathy and understanding flow. Open-mindedness gives us the freedom to explore new ideas and to see, and take advantage of, new opportunities.

This week, practice open-mindedness by keeping these two tips in mind: 1) Avoid making assumptions, and 2) Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Making assumptions and not asking questions limits our ability to take in new information. If we assume what we think we know, and never ask for clarity, we may not be open to exploring what's next. In the midst of global change, being open may be the essential key to progress.

    Remember to write this reflection down somewhere and allow our amazing products to create a meditative space for this daily reflection.

    How did this reflection resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below!

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