The Ultimate Guide to Holistic Skincare

June 28, 2022

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The word ‘holistic’ has become synonymous with a complex notion, but it actually refers to a simple concept: the idea that we should take care of all parts of our body rather than just one part at a time. 

The concept is not new — ancient Kemetic philosophy, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda have all advocated holistic methods for thousands of years — but the term has recently come into vogue as more and more people seek out alternative ways to approach their overall health and embrace sacred selfcare. 

According to proponents of holistic thinking, combining different forms of mind, body and spirit therapies, along with your skincare routine, is much more effective than focusing on just the physical application of skincare products. 

By tending to your skin through the lens of whole-person self-care, you can support all aspects of yourself and truly glow from the inside out.

In addition, choosing products that encourage a holistic, natural lifestyle are essential for overall health and wellness. 

In this article, we aim to cover the what, why and how of a holistic skincare routine.

When you’re ready to incorporate this mindful way of living, check out these holistic skincare products that can help support you. 

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What is a Holistic Skin Care Routine?

A holistic skincare routine can be defined as a collection of skincare products and alternative therapies used to support mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being while enhancing the look and health of the skin. 

Holistic skincare is a philosophy that incorporates a broad range of strategies to improve health.

These strategies may include diet and lifestyle changes, complementary therapies, exercise, meditation, and natural skincare products. 

They all aim to achieve the same goal: to foster overall wellness. This holistic approach allows people to treat their entire body—mind, body, and spirit—as one interconnected system.

As such, it’s an excellent way to incorporate self care into your daily routine.

A holistic skincare routine might include products that simultaneously help improve your complexion, assist with physical and energetic cleansing, or promote better sleep while deeply hydrating your skin. 

A holistic skincare routine is different than an ordinary skincare regimen, which is more focused on maintaining the appearance of skin alone. 

Why Is a Holistic Skin Care Routine Important?

Because self-care isn’t reserved for just Sundays anymore! Holistic skincare, a form of self-care, can help you feel better both inside and out.

Holistic skincare products are formulated with ingredients that support the body’s natural processes while also protecting the skin from damage caused by external factors such as sunlight exposure or pollution.

Holistic skincare products can also promote a feeling of well-being by helping you relax and unwind naturally.

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By taking care of yourself from the inside out, you might be better equipped to deal with stress and other life pressures.

You’ll also likely be more resilient when the unexpected inevitably strikes. 

Holistic skincare can help you become your own best healthcare advocate by promoting self-care in all its forms.

Plus, approaching your entire life with a holistic wellbeing attitude can improve every aspect of your life, not just your skin. 

Steps in a Holistic Skin Care Routine

Below, we’ll discuss a handful of ways to incorporate a holistic skincare routine. Keep in mind however, that there are many ways to achieve total, overall wellness so find what feels right to you and stick with it. 

Awareness – The first step is to be aware of your surroundings, taking note of your emotional reactions, the status of your relationships with others, how you speak to yourself, and so on.

When we pause before we respond, engage in healthy conversation, and speak positively to and about ourselves, we are more likely to radiate with joy – naturally improving our skin!

Movement – Physical fitness not only strengthens your heart and muscles, but it also detoxes your body through sweating. When your body is free from toxins, your skin shines even brighter, plus it improves your mood – smiles look better than frowns any day!

Holistic Nutrition – What you eat becomes the cells in your body including your skin. Give your body a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy protein, and a profound amount of purified water!

Nothing makes your skin look better faster than proper nutrition and being hydrated from the inside out!

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Cleansing – Without properly cleansing your skin, you will leave behind a layer of impurities that can lead to breakouts and clogged pores. You want to make sure you use a gentle, natural cleanser with zero artificial ingredients.

Bonus – using a cleanser, like this natural bar soap, infused with essential oils can also create a rejuvenating, aromatic experience for total mind, body and spiritual wellness.

Moisturizing – The fastest way to radiant skin is to use a high quality, fat-based moisturizer. Using a moisturizer with grass-fed tallow, in particular, can replenish the cellular building blocks that decrease with age, sun exposure and skin damage. 

A high-quality, natural tallow moisturizer can provide your skin with vitamins, antioxidants and CLA (a necessary fatty acid we don’t get in our modern diet or skincare) leaving you with bright, hydrated, beautiful skin.

Aroma Sprays (not perfumes) – Most perfumes are loaded with cancer-causing, synthetic chemicals that wreak havoc on our systems. A simple, holistic alternative is to use essential oil-based, aromatherapy sprays as a form of natural fragrance.

Bonus – a crystal-infused aroma spray can enhance the experience by using the power of crystal therapy with aromatherapy all in one!

Rest – You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again…we NEED our rest and quality sleep! Getting your recommended 8 hours of sleep can drastically improve the appearance of your skin, plus enhance every aspect of your being.

When you’re well rested, your mind is sharper, your body functions better, your skin looks more radiant, and your spirits shine brighter! 

Which Products are Best for a Holistic Skin Care Routine?

There are many different types of skincare products you can use for a holistic skin care routine as well complementary lifestyle modalities. 

Maybe you prefer a facial serum over an oil-based moisturizer. Maybe you prefer liquid body wash over bar soap. Maybe you prefer yoga over strength training or meditation over nature walks. 

Whichever products and lifestyle choices you choose to incorporate into your holistic skincare routine, make sure they are 100% natural and made with intention by artisans who care! 

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Because the holistic viewpoint encompasses energetic and spiritual health as well as physical, the way the skincare products are made directly effects the experience of the end user – you! 

Factory-produced skincare products made with cheap ingredients by potentially underpaid workers, will give you a subpar experience both physically but also energetically. 

Whereas handmade, artisan skincare products made with high quality, completely natural ingredients by a person who is committed to their own holistic well-being as well as yours, is absolutely going to translate to a higher vibrational energetic experience for anyone using the products. 

Considering this, we recommend using Nefertem Holistic Skincare products. Learn more about them here. 


Holistic skincare means taking care of your whole body, not just your skin.

It means eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, joining a fitness program, using quality, natural skincare products, and taking time for yourself.

When you take care of yourself in all areas, you are much more likely to have glowing skin and a better quality of life.

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